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5 Great WOLF TATTOO Designs To Choose From For Your Next TATTOO


Wolf  tattoos look great; there are several designs of wolf tattoo you can choose from. What variations of these mythological beasts should you get? What is meant by wolf tattoos anyway? In this article, I will explain what they mean and then discuss five different variations to choose for your next tattoo.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

The wolf is a creature with great mythological status. Also, it is appreciated. The human best friend comes to wolves and a within the pack, shows great courage and loyalty – and good quality, despite the ferocity of the animal.

Are wolf tattoos for men or women? To be honest, they are not gender specific. If you like it, then I say that you should go for it no matter what people think. The society as a whole, however, does not condemn the tattoo of a wolf to be either for a male or female.

Howling Wolf Tattoos
wolf tattoo on belly

One of the most popular types of wolf tattoo is the howling wolf tattoo. Wolf is featured looking up and to the right or left to pass his message. In this position, it is usually the wolf head that will be seen on the tattoo. Sometimes, the whole body may be present, especially when the rest of the tattoo describes environment or scenery such as a full moon.

Wolf Tattoo – New Moon

This is a tattoo that emerged thanks to the Twilight television series. This tattoo is probably only for fans of the series. Even if you like it, people think you are a fan which can be annoying if you are not!

In all cases, the tattoo is still pretty cool, though. It looks like a tribal drawing in black ink. The wolf is enclosed in a circle, and at first glance, most people do not even notice!

Wolf Tattoos – Tribal

Many tribal wolf tattoos can be done. They are very popular among men and women. For women who do not want the fierce look of wolf tattoo, the tribal type is a good choice.

Tribal versions of this type of tattoo come in different poses. Some show the wolf in his typical howling head, but others show a wolf in action, jump, run or fight. In my experience, there are many other tribal variations than non-tribal ones.

The Celtic Tattoos Wolf

It is hard to find. If you want this type and you’re not willing to compromise, then I recommend finding a professional artist with a lot of experience in tattoos in the Celtic style. You should consider tribal styles because there is no much of a difference.

Werewolf tattoos

These tattoos have an entirely different meaning to most of the tattoo wolves. Werewolf is a natural bond between man and wolf. You will find that it is tough to find a tattoo flash for this type of wolf because many people do not want such a tattoo. It is best to find a professional artist and show some pictures and collectively decide the best direction to go with your tattoo.










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