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Back Tattoos Ideas for Men & Women

Back tattoos as you must know is unique body art made by injecting ink dyes and what not. It may range from traditional black color to grey and now too full-color back tattoos. Mostly when someone is investing so much time, money and pain they go for permanent back tattoos, but they also come with a deadline if you are too particular about carrying the same piece on yourself for the rest of your life then you can get yourself a temporary ink back tattoo too. People find the procedure painful, but at the same time, it looks attractive too. A back tattoo can be a piece of or a piece of your mind anywhere on your entire body. It may be as small as a dot and as big as a portrait of original Mona Lisa painting on your back. The most attractive back tattoos as per many people are back tattoos. The pain and the beauty the show is beyond what can be described in words. These back tattoos show somehow boldness as well as acceptance for many. Here is a list of some fantastic back tattoos that might interest and might want you to get ink on yourself as soon as possible.

  1. Dragon Tattoo
    Dragon Tattoo

This back tattoo is mostly drawn at the back by the male gender. It is assumed that this back tattoo of dragon symbolizes strength and power. Different culture identifies it with various things, for instance, people in China associate it with wisdom, prosperity and good luck. If you want to show strength, then this tattoo is just for you.

  1. Old world Map Tattoo
    Old world Map Tattoo

This back tattoo has become a craze now, people want to have to show the place they live in. Those who are interested in travelling also have this back tattooed on their hand. Men and women both can sport this back tattoo. It also shows love toward the world.

  1. Lion back Tattoo
    Lion back Tattoo

The back tattoo of lion itself speaks that it is a ferociously vital symbol. Boys usually have his sported to show that they are courageous. It also signifies strength pride and royalty. Young male gender goes for this. Loin on arm can make your personality more dominating and strong.

  1. Butterfly Tattoo
    Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is one of the prettiest delicate and popular insect. This back tattoo is mostly linked with women, but some men also choose to get it inked. This image shows that we have turned beautiful. As a butterfly turns from a cocoon to a beautiful insect. You can turn your world into beautiful colors with this super amazing butterfly tattoo on your back.

  1. Star back tattoo
    Star back tattoo

This back tattoo is often linked with superstitious sense hoping that the star would help them in their lives. The back tattoo ink by both men and women because it also considered as a symbol of protection and guidance. You can get your spiritual tattoo on your back just to show the strength inside you. It will no doubt sparkle your personality.

  1. Evil back Tattoo
    Evil back Tattoo

Evil back tattoo is sported to show one can be evil too. It is a sign of not to be encountered or mingle. A superpower who can do anything anytime. It is mostly back tattooed by the teens to show how bad they can be if instigated. You can show your inner evilness by tattoo this super amazing and horrifying tattoo on your back.

  1. Glyphs

Glyphs are back tattoo from Greek. These back tattoos are very small in size. It is a sign of power. This symbol shows an intense desire to explore the world. It is also a reminder of a journey in the world which is never-ending. One can tattoo these symbols on their arms as well as on back.

  1. Sun tattoo

The back tattoo of the sun is super power theme. It symbolizes life light and energy. It also signifies rebirth, fertility and warmth. Those people who have gone through a hard time in life prefer this back tattoo because it is a wish to turn over a new leaf. Now turn your dull and dark life by tattoo this super light and awesome tattoo on your back. Share your inner light with others.

  1. Feathers Back tattoo

Feathers are delicate and show a flight to the sky. In some culture, it signifies birth and luck. It is ironic in some culture it is just the opposite it is taken as death or loss. Most people get it inked to show their urge. You can show your urge to fly in the atmosphere simply by tattooing this awesome design on your back.

  1. Rose tattoo

The back tattoo of the rose is a sign of love. These also sometimes done in colored ink and sometimes in just black and white. Roses signify passion, love beauty and strength. Mostly girls go for this back tattoo to express beauty. You can get your rose on your back to show how much love you are stored in your heart for someone very special.

  1. Wings tattoo

The back tattoo of wings come in different shape size and design. These are back tattooed alone or in a pair. It signifies the flight of the person. His passion for going to the heights. Sometimes it is also taken as a sign of angels. As all know in any religious text its only angels, who are shown as with wings.

  1. Heart shape back tattoo

The back tattoo of the heart symbolizes love and passion. The heart also expresses the person who is very dear and near. Sometimes instead of having the name of the loved one back tattooed they have the heart back tattooed and the initial written in it.

  1. Little insect tattoo

These back tattoos are full of life and color. This is restricted to the female gender, as it symbolizes delicacy and beauty. This back tattoo also symbolizes good luck, purity, prosperity, harmony and strength. These insects have a very short life, and they live to the fullest. So it signifies inspiration too.

  1. Cherry blossom back tattoo

The back tattoo of cherry blossom is a sign of life. It shows life in all stages, old life, new life, transient life. They are delicate and worn by women who truly appreciate life. These women get it done. This cherry blossom also stands for the birth of a child or mourning the loss of someone who is close to heart.

  1. Zen circle back tattoo

The back tattoo of the zen circle is a very old theme. It has come in trend again now; it has become very popular nowadays. The swish of the circle looks graceful and delicate. It is the sign of elegant. It also stands s for inner strength and enlightenment.

  1. Dream catcher back tattoo

Dream catcher theme of back tattoos is a good sign for catching dreams. It also symbolizes to chase away nightmare and therefore people who have dreamcatcher back tattooed absorb their qualities in their destinies. The dream catcher back tattoos serve as a good luck charm that brings lots of success happiness and good luck.

  1. Zodiac sign back tattoo

The back tattoo of zodiac sign represents the personality of a person. It also shows who you are and what your destiny is. These back tattoos and popular among people of all ages. It is one of the most popular images back tattooed. You can tattoo your favorite zodiac on your back.


There is always a bit of concern with the needle that you plan to use while getting yourself a back tattoo. Make sure that the back tattoo shop is an authentic place with every very hygienic and the person you are trusting with mark for life is no less than an expert. But apart from this All in all these back tattoos no matter which one you opt for or come all the way down to your own very personal back tattoo is just your choice and hence must define you. Taking a decision of pain and embracing pain requires effort to make sure you are happy with your decision so that if even someone else if not happy about it, then it should be none of your concern. We hope to get your blood rushing after all these amazing back tattoos. Now wait not and rush to your next ink shop now. Happy Inking!




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