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Facts Of Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing can also be called navel piercing, it is done by both men and women, but mostly seen on women. Compared to other body piercing, it takes a longer period to heal, but when we take timely and proper care of this delicate piercing, it heals rapidly. If all necessary procedures are adhered to, there should not be an adverse effect, Unfortunately, 1% of the population whose bodies just refuse to respond to treatments and may require removal of the ring.

Points Needed To Follow

To prevent irritation of belly button piercing, loose clothing should be worn for a few weeks after piercing procedures to prevent the friction that will slow down the healing process. Other things to consider are belts, pants and skirts in size due to the pierced location. The movement needs to be addressed flexibly of what could be painful for the weeks after the piercing. Although the navel is pierced on different angles and sides and a brief description of today’s dynamic society belly button piercing.

The piercing that occurs in the closure ring nipple and navel typically pits.

Lower edge

The bottom plate in the navel ring, also known as bottom circular piercing. Outer piercing- The piercing is done on the belly button nipple. Although some people regard it as a rare navel piercing procedure, due to the risk that follows it. The treatment of such procedure is very slow. Given that the risks outweigh the benefits, it does not worth it.
Surface piercing around the navel can be good for people who are interested in a round hole on the belly surface.Belly button rings (navel rings) are common and very popular in today’s society. Here are some important things to consider before deciding on getting a belly button piercing. *This is a lifelong commitment. And you should always wear a ring on the pierced area.

If you decide to stop using the belly rings, you can take the ring off the navel and in few days or months the scar will heal up. If you do this, it’s likely that the scars most of the time, depending on the depth and size of the scar, you may not be able to pierce it again. Belly rings are not cheap. High quality belly button rings are about $130 on average if you order online. The pierced area will require periodical maintenance. During the treatment, for at least 3 months, the pierced area should be cleaned regularly. Each time you change the navel ring, the ring must be sterilized.
You can even cure an infection even after the piercing. Does it hurt – Yes, it hurts to get a piercing. The pain usually lasts several hours.
The pain level is dependent on the patient’s level of tolerance. This can be easily managed with painkillers with available prescription. Although you may experience the healing pain, if you rub clothes against the navel. You have the right to decide for yourself! After reading this, if you still want to pierce your belly button, it’s worth your time to be sure and enjoy.

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