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Boy Ear Piercing A Complete Overview

Do you like piercing? Well, girls like it, but boys also use to do. Ear piercing not just limited to girls fashion. The trend of getting ear piercing is old in males. People use to do so since a long time and still do practice ear piercing. However, there are many parlours and the artists who do boy ear piercing. Women do just to show off the girly tradition. We cannot say that if the boys do ear piercing, then they are gay or something like that. But in fact, it is an old practice and now getting trend day by day.

Here are some of the best designs for boy ear piercing which can suit almost any type of men.

Boy ear piercing Designs

There are some of the most fabulous and stylish lists of designs for ear piercing for boys.

Rook ear piercing

Rook ear piercing is one of the most painful and challenging styles of piercing. No doubt it hurts a lot, but once it is done, it gives an incredible look to boys. The ear piercing process do in the cartilage folding of the ear. If your ear cartilage is just not perfect or flexible, then I am sorry this design is not for you. The artist does ear piercing with piercing gun. Obviously, there are many risks in this process.

Helix piercing

Helix piercing is another style of boy ear piercing. It is the most attractive design and mostly pieces by celebrities and athletes. It is done on both sides of the helix. A helix pierces for more than one ring. This is the most superb, attractive and eye catchy ear piercing design.

Earlobe piercing

This is the most unusual kind of ear piercing. The existing lobe is pierced to have a big earning. Earlobe gauging loves by all teenagers around the world including men and women. It suits extremely on boys. Pain is a part of piercing but gives you an incredible look after that.

Lobe piercing

It is one of the simplest and the easiest style of piercing. Human ear lobe perforates at the bottom for every kind of jewelry of any size. Lobe piercing is popular in men and women equally. Now the trend is getting high day by day, and boy ear piercing is at its peak.

Snug piercing

Snug is an inner part of a helix. This type of piercing also knows as a semi-helix piercing. The inner part of the rim sometimes perforates to make it more attractive and beautiful. Usually, a circular or ball earrings prefer to wear in the ear.

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