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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Tattoos

Tattoos are the trend of every era. In the previous era, people used tattoos to reflect the change in their life status like induction into an armed forces or passage into adulthood. In this chaotic era, the tattoo has become a fashion or a form of self-expression. Women love to use tattoos on their breast as it reflects their femininity. Other people might use breast tattoos to cover their scars or convey a meaningful symbol. Today, more and more women are going with Breast Tattoos. This part of the body has become an adventurous place to showcase tattoos. With every new day, a stunning design of tattoo comes up including floral, tribal, butterflies, mandala design or other enticing patterns. Most of the tattoo lover do not know much about the breast tattoos. This article will tell you everything about this amazing and daring tattoo type.

About the Breast Tattoos

Today, breast tattoos are the fast finding favor as a trendy fashion accessory for most of the women. However, it is not new as most of the native women have tattooed their breast since the medieval times. In some parts of Egypt, the mummified remains of some successful courtesans have created breast tattoos. Other parts of the world including New Zealand and Native North American tribes have worn breast tattoos. It was a symbol of femininity for women.

In today’s world, a lot of women who go through a mastectomy usually request for the nipple-sparing surgery to give a more natural look after the breast reconstruction. However, it might not be recommended as it leaves some marks that make the breast susceptible to cancer. In that case, women can choose the second option that is nipple tattoos. The professional tattoo artists can create real-looking nipples. Some studies reported that tattoos could boost the self-confidence of women and make them feel proud of the attractive appearance of their breasts.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of Breast Tattoos

Breasts tattoos are getting popular with every new day. Almost every woman wants to showcase tattoo on their breast. Every design of breast tattoos tends to be very feminine. It may include hearts, flowers, fairies, moons, and stars. Some ladies prefer personalized designs like the name of a loved one or any symbol that reflect an important event in a woman’s life. The design for breast tattoo is the result of an artist’s talent and woman’s imagination. There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of breast tattoos. Let’s take a look at the major reasons for this emerging fashion!

  • Breast Tattoos highlight the turning points in a woman’s life like getting married, having a child or leaving home.
  • Most of the women create tattoos to celebrate sexuality in her life.
  • Breast tattoos enhance the beautiful part of a body and make it more enticing. Every woman wants to enhance this part of the body, which is why the trend is increasing every day.
  • It is also a mean of remembering a loved one in a woman’s life.
  • The prevalence of breast cancer or mastectomies is enhancing which ultimately makes way for breast tattoos. Women who survive breast cancer cover their scars with the breast tattoos.

Best designs of Breast Tattoos

The breast has become the best place to get a tattoo. Let’s take a look at the most popular designs of breast tattoos!

  • Butterfly tattoos are one of the famous designs that give a charming and mesmerizing look to women. You can make it more attractive by adding some colors.
  • Some cute and sweet breast tattoo can give a trendy and classy look to your breasts.
  • With the breast cancer awareness tattoo, you can spread awareness among other individuals.
  • The different flowery patterns can give an aesthetic look to the breast.
  • Quotation breast tattoo looks pretty eye-catching and also convey a message.
  • Funny breast designs are ideal for the younger ladies as it looks hilarious and classy.
  • You can also get a designer breast tattoo. This design looks sensuous and eye-catching.

Things to consider before getting a breast tattoo

Breast tattoos are one of the coolest tattoos trends to hit the fashion industry today. However, if you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then you should consider various things before making your way towards a tattoo parlor. Continue reading to know the important consideration for a good breast tattoo.

·        Begin with a small breast tattoo

If it is your first tattoo on the breast, then always start small. You might dream of putting a large piece of tattoo art on your breast but never make such huge design when you are a starter. If you start with a small, then it will hurt less. Get a taste of tattoo experience with a small design before putting your favorite pattern. Breast is a sensitive part of the body so never take the risk of creating larger designs.

·        Pain of the tattoo varies

Most of the starter fear of getting tattoos because of the extreme pain but they do not know that this pain varies. Since tattooing over the breast involves the clavicle and a few ribs, so it might be pretty painful for the starter. However, it also depends on the tattoo artist. If he creates it with soft hands, then it might become less painful for you.

·        Choose the right Breast tattoo design

If you are a starter in the tattoo world, then you should know that it is a permanent mark and you have to decide on the right design carefully. Always think of a design that you adore. Some of the natural tattoos including ancient scripts and tribal designs are a favorite with every woman. You can get a tattoo design according to your taste.

·        Best time to get breast tattoos

Getting the Breast Tattoos at the best time of the year will help you heal faster. The right time to create a tattoo is winter, spring, and autumn. However, the hot sun of the summer can make the wounds take much longer to heal and can also make the process painful. Moreover, women should also plan to get breast tattoos when the time for their menstrual cycle is not near as their breasts get sensitive during their periodic cycles.

·        Find an expert

You might find a tattoo parlor at every corner of your town, but every artist is not an expert or professional. Hire a licensed professional who can create your favorite tattoo. A licensed expert will always use sterilized instruments which can prevent you from deadly diseases. After taking a suggestion from the people who got tattoos, consult an expert in your town.

Health Risks of Breast Tattoos

A tattoo artist creates tattoos with a handheld machine having a needle to puncture your skin. It injects ink into the second layer of your skin by making a hole. Since it punctures your skin, so it involves lots of health risks which includes:

  • The allergic reaction to the dyes used in a tattoo may develop after lots of years. The allergic reaction includes a rash at the breast area.
  • You may face some skin infections including tuberculosis or staph infection. It can even damage your skin.
  • Some nodules of inflamed tissue known as granulomas may develop around the site of the breast tattoo.
  • Keloids may also form at the tattoo site. Keloids are the overgrowths of the scar tissues.
  • With the time, the shape of breast changes that may affect the appearance of the tattoos. However, if a woman has small breasts and takes good care of her skin, then the breast tattoo is less likely to distort.
  • A woman with breast tattoo is prone to blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis C, tetanus, hepatitis B and HIV. These diseases occur when contaminated needles are used for creating breast tattoos.
  • The tattoo site might burn or swell if your skin is too sensitive.

Caring for Breast Tattoos

There are many complications involve in getting a tattoo, but you can limit these complications with some care. Follow the tips listed below and enjoy looking attractive with the Breast Tattoos:

  • Never remove the bandage from your new tattoo for at least 24 hours. Whenever you remove the bandage, apply antibiotic ointment to that part of the skin. Use some moisturizer throughout the day.
  • Be careful while cleaning your tattoo. Use a plain soap and water to clean the tattoo site and then pat dry it.
  • Do not expose the tattoo site to direct sun for the initial few weeks as it may burn your skin.
  • Avoid touching the tattoo until it heals to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Avoid wearing a bra for the next few days.

Bottom Line

With the best breast tattoo, you can boost up your confidence. It will not only enhance your self-esteem but also change your perspective about your body. Most of the women have body-imaging problems, but the breast tattoo can let them feel proud of their body. However, lots of risks associated with the Breast Tattoos, but you can lower these risks with some precautions and care. Hopefully, this article helps you get the best design of breast tattoos and prevent yourself from deadly infections.

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