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CLOUD TATTOO Designs – Everything You Need To Know


Cloud Tattoo comes in various shapes. Some people prefer real clouds while others want something closer to what you would see in the traditional tattoo design. You can also get surreal designs. There is no limit. However, there are standards, histories, and meanings to consider when considering a tattoo. Read this guide and make sure it is the tattoo you want.
cloud tattoo design

The Different Types of Cloud Tattoo

There are various types of cloud tattoo design, and most have a unique meaning to their wearer. There are two types of cloud tattoo that seem to be the most attractive in general. The first type is the traditional tattoo design, and the second is a more realistic design that has a strong correlation with religious beliefs.
cloud tattoo designs

Significance and Symbolism of (mostly religious) cloud Tattoo

As you might expect, this type of tattoo symbolizes heaven.  It is intended to make a reference to their religious beliefs and accompanied by the Bible. If a person’s name or face appears with a tattoo, the tattoo is probably an honored to someone that the carrier knew who died. The clouds, in this case, represent the belief that the deceased went to heaven.

Great Cloud tattoos for men and women

Clouds and Raindrops – This tattoo shows a small picture of clouds with huge drops of rain coming out. It shows the feelings of the sad person as a whole.

Full moon with moving cloud Tattoo – This gives a wonderful view of the viewer. In the background of the tattoos, there is a full moon in slight yellow color, and over that moon, a moving white cloud is inked. You can picture the real view of the scene.

Digital Cloud Tattoo – Looks very nice on the shoulders. Cloud edges are arranged in a pixel pattern to give a digital outline.

Rainbow and Cloud Tattoo – This tattoo is a real state of the art. A beautiful seven-color rainbow in the white backdrop of white clouds gives the body a glamorous look.

Hand and Cloud Tattoo – This tattoo is designed especially for rock stars. The hand appearing in the fluffy clouds shows the call of a rock star.

Cloud cartoon tattoos – a cartoon cloud in blue color gives you a very cool look. This shows that the person wearing the tattoo it is happy.

Cloud tattoo for half sleeves – This tattoo is carved over the biceps showing drops falling to the ground.

Remembrance Cloud Tattoo – In this type of tattoo design, clouds are done in the background and the name of the person written to whom you miss a lot.

Thundercloud Tattoo – It’s mostly inked on the shoulder blade. A cloud with blue outline and white filling having thunder in yellow color add deep meaning to the wearer.

Clouds and Eagle Tattoo – It is a very artistic tattoo in which an eagle holds a diamond in the beak and goes through heavy clouds.

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