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DAHLIA PIERCING and its complete guide

What is a Dahlia piercing?

Dahlia Piercing is one of the least popular types of lip piercings because of its uncommon region and the bad history behind this piercing. It is done in the corner of the mouth, entry through the outside and exit from inside.

Dahlia Piercing – How is it done?

Not like other types of lip piercing, Dahlia piercing isn’t done in all piercing studios. Some studio does not have any material for this rare type of piercing. So you have to visit a professional that is familiar with this type of piercing. The corners of the mouth are cleaned thoroughly and marked with a pen. A sterilized needle is used to make holes on both sides of the lips. A labret stud is then inserted in the pierced region.

Dahlia Piercing – How does it hurt?

The level of pain varies from one individual to another. As two piercings are made, the process can be quite painful if you do not have the ability to endure pain. After completing the piercing, it may bleed and hurt a lot. However, this shouldn’t be a concern as the pain gradually reduces in some weeks.

Dahlia Piercing – How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost of Dahlia piercing ranges from $20 to $80 for both sides with a small stud or without jewelry depending on the studio. These prices may also change depending on the type of jewelry used for the initial piercing and also the location of the studio.

Dahlia Piercing Problems

Due to the scarcity of this piercing, if done by an unskilled person it poses more dangers. If done too close to the corners of the mouth, the piercing might easily migrate or reject. If done further, it turns into a cheek piercing which is another piercing entirely. Other risks include excessive salivation, scarring, nerve injury, pain, infection, bleeding, and asymmetry.

Dahlia Piercing – The Healing Process

Since this is two separate piercing, it will certainly take a longer time to heal as compared to other lip piercings. Healing time is commonly 12-20 weeks. Healing takes the same path as all other lip piercings and it is normal to experience swelling, redness, inflammation and tenderness during the initial healing period.

The piercer will start by giving you a longer stud to allow for swelling and later change as soon as the swelling goes down. Moving or touching the jewelry unnecessarily may cause infection and harm to the granulation tissue thereby prolonging the healing time. Warm salt water does not only prevent infection but also help in the faster healing of the skin.

Dahlia piercing aftercare

  • Gently clean the pierced area with a paper towel
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your tooth two times a day
  • Do not touch the jewelry except when cleaning
  • Clean the piercing with a cotton ball soak in warm salt water
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and eating spicy foods
  • Maintain good hygiene by keeping your garments and bed linens clean
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating
  • Use an antibacterial soap to wash the piercing and jewelry during shower
  • Ensure the piercing does not come in contact with lotions, lotions, creams, and other body products
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and eating spicy foods
  • Maintain good hygiene by keeping your garments and bed linens clean

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