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Types of Daith piercing jewelry

           Type Of Daith piercing jewelry
Daith piercing jewelry

A Daith Piercing is an art of piercing done through the ear cartilage folding closest to the ear canal. Daith piercing depends upon the structure of your anatomy. There should be enough place to wear a bar or a ring. Daith piercing is cartilage, so it takes time to heal. But don’t worry there are many products that you can use to heal the wounds that come due to Daith piercing. In this article we will discuss about Daith jewelry.

Best Daith jewelry

Most of the people get confused in what type of jewelry that should wear in their ears. Daith piercing is quite different from other kinds of piecing styles. There are many different kinds of Daith piercing jewelry that you can use to wear. Some of them include:

  • Ball closure rings
  • Circular barbells
  • Smooth segment rings

Every kind of jewelry gives a unique look to your face. It mostly depends upon the material you are choosing according to your style that suits you. Let’s discuss few of them in detail.

  • Daith bars and rings

Barbells are the excellent choice for your Daith piercing. The mean reason is these will not move around your piercing. It will reduce the irritation around your piercing area. A curvy barbell is recommended as it comfortably fits in your ear. However, if you are facing any problem like healing Daith piercing, then it’s useful to use multi-use piercing tube. It is a new type of flexible bar that you can easily trim to size. Daith bars and rings are best for cartilage piercing especially for girls who love to have Daith piercing.

  • Heart Daith jewelry

A lot number of people afraid of having Daith piercing that once done its look good and elegant. It automatically hence your personality. The most useful type of jewelry for Daith piercing is Heart Daith jewelry. The heart shape gives your piercing a next level beauty. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to be fit for any ear. But it’s necessary that your anatomy should have much space for Daith heart jewelry.

  • Moon Daith jewelry

Daith moon jewelry is one of the best choices for your Daith piercing. It places in the ear cartilage folding at the centre of the ear. Feeling scary? But not for those who love Daith piercing.

Well in what kind of piercing you can wear straight barbells? I guess nothing in but in Daith piercing. Before getting any conclusion you need to try Daith moon jewelry. I am sure this will suit on girls as well as on boys. You can get cute and gorgeous heart body jewelry for your Daith piercing at any store. It comes in different kind of shapes like heart print, heart-shaped piecing jewelry. Moreover, it includes tattoo-style flesh tunnel, threaded balls, candy heart and yes pretty heart-shaped banana bells.

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