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Is Daith Piercing Pain Bearable to Normal Person or not?

What is actually meant by daith piercing?

A daith piercing is a type of piercing that is passed through the inner cartilage of your ear and sometimes gets folded via the pressure point. Studs of special quality are also used for this purpose. Normally, this whole function is performed in the piercing parlor under the supervision of professionals. It is sometimes a painful process and one may suffer from the ear infection if anything goes wrong.

Lately, the trend of daith piercing is taking huge amount of interest factor with the help of social media and many of the people are looking to learn more. Those people who are daith piercing pain are claiming that it is helping them a lot to get rid of dangerous migraine pain. Some of them are also claiming for the weight loss. Although, the specialists in medical field are not finding any suitable results from it.

Is the daith piercing really a painful process?

Those who are willing to have daith piercing for migraines are looking for the answers related to pain. So, keeping it to the point. It is one of the most painful process that you wish to never get in your lifetime. The daith piercing pain is that kind of pain that you have to bear while piercing the nose for nose pins. Perhaps, the daith piercing pain will hurt you more because the cartilage bone of ear is so soft and skinny that you can feel anything that even touches it.

There is also another painful news for interested people. You have to bear more pain while it starts healing. I slight touch of the pillow or even the cloth can make your mood bad by killing pain. Apart from this, it is very hard to enjoy good sleeps during the initial days of piercing. So, if you are interested to get daith piercing for your migraines, then just get ready yourself for the pain. Show your braveness and don’t be a coward.

The scale of daith piercing pain:

As I wrote above, it usually goes through the inner soft cartilage of your ear and it means it is going to be a tough situation for you. The inner cartilage is very soft. But it doesn’t mean that the pain will be unbearable to you. You just have to be fully focused to your concentration level.

The average daith piercing pain takes up to 4 months to heal down fully. On the scale of pain from 1 to 5, most of the people who are having daith piercing rated it as 3 number pain. So, you can bear it but it’s not so easy. The trend of daith piercing is increasing at a good rate. You can learn more thing about daith piercing pain from this exciting fashion platform.

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