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What is daith piercing – Every Thing You want know

Daith Piercing is one of most famous piercing in Europe.

Among all the other types of piercing, daith piercing is used in order to increase the aesthetic appeal. Surprisingly, some of the research has shown the positive impact of daith piercing on the problem of a migraine. In this piercing the jewelry pass through the inner cartilage fold of the ear, that area is also known as crus of helux. The presence of the hole is made possible in this, unlike place because of the curvy nature. There are some special kinds of jewelry items which are worn in this area due to the awkward nature of the area.
what is daith piercing

Research outcomes

We explore things by making an investment in the research work of that specific field. A little research has been conducted on the effect on migraine by the daith piercing. Most of the research indicates the positive result for the treatment of a migraine through the daith piercing. One of the studies conducted on a large sample of 380 individuals and showed green single from the side of many experts.   Although the piercing process is really painful and it may not always show the helpful result but through proper care and preventive techniques you can get away with the infections easily. This is not the new trend but I have been followed by many years.

A migraine and faith piercing

Since the positive influence of daith piercing is observed by multiple researchers, most of the people are moving towards this solution in order to have relief from pain. Some people try this for the sake of doing it and because it has a positive influence on the aesthetic appeal. Generally, it is used because the suffering person becomes so much frustrated that he finds no other way out. Even if going through so much pain does not give out the outcome there are alternative methods which are followed in order to make it right.

Things that should be kept in mind while doing this

Although this method is good and you can be really hopeful about the results if it is done in the right manner, still, some of the important things should be considered while taking the decision about a solution for a migraine. Here are some of those vital things.

Low priced

The cost of getting pierced can be normally up to $100. In spite of all the other treatments, this can be really economical for treatment. You can get the result which you have been seeking since a long time and after a lot of suffering it is not bad to give this a try.

Consider the piercing position

Here, we are seeking this for achieving a certain outcome, so the position should be really accurate for the place of piercing because you are not doing it just for fashion. You can always seek the help from an acupuncturist. He will provide proper guidance by testing your situation and then pointing out the right position for getting pierced. He may also recommend a good piercer who will do this from the expert point of view. If the right point is pierced it will definitely benefit you.

Side of piercing

A migraine is basically the thumping pain in half of your head. So, after proper research, it is recommended to use this technique on the side of the head you experience the pain. If you have pain on the left side of the head then it is suggested to have the piercing on your left ear and vice versa. Because the main concept is to acupuncture the place and gets it treated through some special points.

Situations vary

This is not the medical treatment and even in the medicinal treatments the accurate result is not always expected. There are some of the situational contingencies. If one solution works best for a person, there is no guarantee that the same thing will do the trick for others also. Yu should be very careful while making the decision here. You should make a proper appointment with your doctor to get advice on the daith piercing technique. He will guide you in the right manner so that the position will be clear for you. This is particularly important if you do not like piercing and just making the decision to have it to get rid of a migraine because in the case of bad results you will have to suffer.

Effect in starting case

You must not get your hope really high that your migraine will be a cure for forever. Most of the people get the positive results for starting few days and after that, they again start feeling pain. You may also have some routine headache issues. Most of the people on social media, who come up with a very positive response in immediate days of getting daith piercing, make a negative statement after few days.

Get ready for the accidents

Because you are making changes in the inner cartilage of your ear, it may have some of the problems. You can have an infection or suffer from a lot of pain for a certain period of time. For some people, the pain is not just restricted to initial days but it goes on for a long time. It all depends on your healing power. Some of the precautions should be taken in order to avoid this issue. You should not swim in the pools of the ocean. The use of some ointment should be done for some time after getting this treatment. The acupuncture can get contaminated and you can suffer from harmful consequences. Notice these small precautionary measures and you will be safe against the issues related to the aftermath.

Not only for a migraine but daith piercing is also used just because of some people like it. There are jewelry items which look really beautiful and are tailor made in order to make the thing more attractive. You can wear the curve jewelry because the nature of the place is like this. Some of the ball rings are available, bead rings can also be commonly used as jewelry in this place.

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