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Ear Piercing And Its History

Ear Piercing and Its Procedure

Ear piercing is one of the ancient practices, that is still been practiced till today. The ear piercing is a procedure of creating a small hollow through the ear pinna, so that anything with the front length of a needle can be inserted effortlessly in that area. Ear piercing today is an everyday sort of body alteration, which is common with both genders all around the universe.

Often times, the parents would pierce their daughter’s ears, even  when she is only a few months old. Common areas of piercing on the ear pinnae include the ear base, tragus, ear lobe and across the helix. The term “ear piercing” normally refers to a piercing on the earlobe, when piercing is done on the upper outer ear, is often called “ear cartilage piercing” Cartilage piercing is more complicated to achieve than earlobe piercing and it takes longer period to heal than earlobe piercing.

With the continuous dynamism of the cosmetics and beauty industry, here are few special kinds of ear piercing that can be performed in today’s society:

* Conch- This form of ear piercing is done on the large surface of cartilage that makes the back of the ear pinna.
* Daith – that is also called the propeller or helix ear piercing, that is done on the small cartilage closer to the ear canal beneath the ear rook.


* Earlobe piercing might be the most common and famous.

This piercing is carried out through the tissue striking at the base of the ear pinna. There is easy blood passage through the earlobe as a result of this, the piercing done on this location heals faster. * Pinnae cartilage piercing- this is sometimes known as a propeller helix piercing, that is accomplished through the cartilage close to the top of the ear pinna, there’s a minimum passage of blood through the upper ear pinna, hence piercing performed on this area takes some times to heal.


* commercial or industrial piercing

This  is a double piercing  on the ear cartilage, facing each other and are connected by using a single ear ring jewelry. The 2 most common styles of ear piercings which might be carry out nowadays are Daith and industrial. Located on the edge of the cartilage at the top of the ear, these piercing looks elegant and unusual. Earlobe piercing are traditional, piercing can be done through the cartilage edge of the ear, propellers are beautiful and extravagant. An industrial piercing is also very popular, it attracts a lot of attention and allows a person to show off their unique personality in their society.

Recommendations for safe Ear Piercing

Here are some tips and recommendations for safer and more healthy ear piercing occasion.

* Be careful while getting a piercing and make sure the person doing the piercing, has adequate hygiene equipment’s, consisting of rubber gloves which can be used on freshly washed hands.
* The complete system’s and operation environment ought to be clean, and are pre-sterilized.
* The surroundings should meet the high requirements of cleanliness and hygiene.
* For clinical reasons, disposable needles are the most advisable for ear piercing. Non-disposable needles can be dangerous due to possible hidden bacteria’s.
*There should be basic first aid service available at the piercing center, should in case something goes wrong.


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