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What Is A Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattoo is presently becoming very popular. This is when you have a pattern, symbol, name, number, or other small design tattooed on the inner part of the lower lip. (To get it on your upper lip is possible, but it is not the norm.)

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Who Should Get One?

If you’re one of those who loves to have ink, but you really do not want anyone to see it unless you show it (no one will see this tattoo except you show them the inner part of your lower lip) or if you want to tattoo the name of someone whom you have a relationship or friendship with, this might work for you, especially if you are not certain of the relationship because not only are they easy to hide, but are also known to disappear quite quickly, unless you go for touch-ups.
Lips Tattoos

Lip Tattoo – How Long Will It Last?

The time the lip tattoo last varies from one person to another. The lips tattoo can last for 1-5 years if you go for touch-ups consistently, but mostly they fade very quickly, and some of them may even disappear within a week. This is because the inner lips are constantly wet, so they do not seal the ink, unlike the skin tattoos. It is necessary to have touch-up for at least 4 or 5 times before it stays permanently. So, ensure that you go to a tattoo artist who is a professional when it comes to lip tattooing. And the tip that seems to make them last a little longer is to have a piece of tissue paper between the lips after the work is done to give the pigment ink a greater chance to penetrate deeper.

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Lip Tattoo – How Much Do Lip Tattoo Hurt?

The level of pain as with all the tattoos also differs from one person to another. Some people say it is the best place to get a tattoo, and some say that it is a mistake that the lip tattoos hurt the most. That’s why thinks it’s safe to say that it hurts like any other tattoo on your body. Another thing to remember is that the tattoo lips have a strange taste in the mouth, which is normal due to the blood and ink. The artist should be experienced and be able to make your lips tattoo without hurting the veins you have on your lips.

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Lip Tattoo Aftercare!

All tattoos require aftercare and lip tattoo is not excluded. You cannot eat and drink right after your lips tattoo is done and in the long run, you will probably wash your mouth after eating, smoking and drinking so make sure you follow your tattoo artist instructions. But here are some general tips: do not use regular mouthwash; chemicals will make the ink fade faster. (Make use of any antibiotics or non-alcoholic). Do not rub or pick it because it will lead to bleeding and loss of pigment. Do not suck your lips and stay away or restrict your intake of citrus and alcohol.

In Conclusion:

Do not forget to always visit a professional tattoo artist with a good tattooing reputation basically in a sterile environment because the lip is sensitive and can be easily be infected and could have an allergic reaction to the ink.

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