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Female Nipple Piercing and Aftercare Procedures

Female Nipple Piercing is getting more popular in west. Ever desired to get your nipple pierced but not sure what to anticipate? Do you wish to know how nipples piercings hurt and how much nipple piercing cost?

Female Nipple Piercings – How Much Does It Cost?

Nipple piercings can be expensive, so it is important to think through before getting your nipple pierced. Depending on the piercing studio, the cost of female nipple piercing ranges between the prices of £25 to £40. If you intend on getting both your nipples pierced, it is possible to negotiate for a 2-for-1 offer, but they may ask you to pay before the piercing, this means you won’t be able to chick out!

Female Nipple Piercing – How Painful Is It?

The nipples are filled with nerve endings which make the region ultra-sensitive. Imagine that feeling when your partner gently caresses your nipples (some females can even orgasm this way) and change those gentle hands for a great steel jab of steel. It’s a type of pain that some people might enjoy if they are so inclined, but for most people, it might not be a walk in the park. The only thing is that it is done quickly.

Female Nipple Piercing – Are They Safe?

The obvious risks are that you might get an infection. Infections are not common but are very real. Should you get an infection, there’s the risk of blood poisoning, which can be very harmful! In fact, it could be deadly (sorry to alarm you!).

Taking off the ring may cause scar tissue around the nipple, which could make it slightly different to your pre-pierced nip.

Female Nipple Piercing – Does It Heal Easily?

Everyone’s nipple is unique of course, but it’s more likely you get a tiny scar. A lot of people find that when they put off their piercing, they get a teeny bubble where the bar went in and out. To fight this, it is advisable to rub skin-friendly oils (baby oil) into the scarred area.

Female Nipple Piercing – Does It Have an Effect on Sensitivity?

Most women who have had their piercing healed nicely stated that their nipple sensitivity increased tremendously.

If you’re into the aesthetic, then it will surely help you spice up your bedroom antics.

But the fact is that your nipples will be out of action during the healing process. This is bad news for those who are really into nipple action.

Female Nipple Piercing – How Can It Be Heal

  • Wash your arms with warm water and Castile soap or antimicrobial cleanser before touching the pierced region.
  • Rinse your nipple piercing with warm water. This is better done when bathing in the shower, water washes away any dirt around the ring. Use a Q-tip to take away such particles if necessary.
  • Place some drops of Castile soap or antimicrobial cleanser on either side of the piercing rings. Wash the entry and exit holes of the jewelry carefully. Do not force the jewelry to rotate.
  • Rinse thoroughly to take away all traces of soap residue.
  • Let air dry if possible; otherwise, dab dry with a paper towel.


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