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Hand Tattoos are becoming very popular in west

Hand tattoos can be considered as an expression of rebellion. One of the most well-known hand tattoos is gang symbols. Most times, a small set of 3 dots in a three-sided shape at the top of the hand between the thumb and index finger is a symbol that someone has joined a group. More tattoos can be seen as the member of the group moves up in the ranks, such the disrepute teardrop beneath the eye to indicate a kill, the spider web on the elbow to indicate time served for the good of the cause and sketch arm tattoos of those that have fallen during the journey.

Why do people choose the Hand Tattoo?

Many people prefer the hand tattoo for political and personal reasons such as:
Hands are easily seen.
Hands are difficult to tattoo than any other body part; this indicates a serious love for the tattoo.
Hands are frequently the preferred place for religious tattoos, particularly Christian tattoos because it is related to Jesus crucifixion.
Some people prefer hand tattoo as a symbol that will still be available when there is no marriage band anymore.

The Subcultures and Culture

Hand tattoos are popular in some particular places; some people decide to honor loved ones by putting their birth dates and death on top their hand as a permanent reminder of the person. Sometimes, the hand tattoo is a done as the remembrance to be a good person. The subcultures and culture that love the hand tattoo are:

Hand Tattoos and Arabic cultures –

The practice of tattoo henna among the various groups of Arabic nations is an old practice and an ancient beautification system for women.

The Prison culture –

Prisoner who get jail always get a hand tattoo to indicate a connection to a selected group or clique within the system.

The citizen of Australia, Polynesia, and New Zealand always use hand tattoos to signify station, class, tribe, and the family they belong to.

The Japanese and the Irish have been acknowledging to allow tattoo sleeves to move down to the hands in a natural development; the hands are the ends of these extremes and are frequently used to show the most critical and powerful symbols in the overall piece. This is the commonest practice in Scottish tattoos.

Think Before You Commit

If you’re considering about doing a hand tattoo, remember that the hand is easily seen and also a very sensitive region to get inked.  The probability of the hand getting infected is high because they are the most used part of the body for daily activities. If you desire to have your hands tattooed, plan to have some days to yourself so that you can stay away from work during the initial healing process. Before getting done any tattoo, ensure you do your research on skin infections and inking so that you can avoid these dangers for yourself. You will also need to consider pain control and, in particular, ask your artist all the questions you’ve got before starting the tattooing.

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