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How much does a tattoo cost?

tattoo cost

How much does a tattoo cost

The art of tattoo making takes a lot of time to master, and you might have seen a few people charging a lot for this job. Considering that, you may be thinking about getting one for yourself and may wonder about how much does a tattoo cost ? Well, the accurate answer can only be given by the artist from whom you are getting the quote. However, there are certain things that determine the price you pay for it. You can add or subtract the elements, change a few of them, and get it within your budget if it is a bit too high for you. So, let’s walk step by step through each one of it.

The skill of artist and its experience


Among the most significant factors that determine how much does a tattoo cost , one is the skill and experience of the artist from whom you take the services. There is a vast diversity when you talk about skill level. You may see someone, who has bought a new tattoo kit online and is yet to try it out, charging you $20 for the tattoo or so. On the other side, there is an artist that has more than 20 years’ experience in the field and may charge you around more than 150 dollars per hour!

However, do note that the most experienced one is not always the best. There are people with several years’ working experience under their belt but are still moderate artists while on the other side, there are youngsters who have spent just a couple years in the field but are masters of tattoo making.

Thus, always choose one depending on your work requirement and your budget.

The popularity

The next accountable thing concerning how much a tattoo cost is the popularity of the artist. It is of no surprise that if an artist is trendy, he will ask for the high price no matter how small the work it. And if there is a person who has just been into the business, he may do the same job for far less. So, walking into a famous studio and asking for a tattoo by a lavish artist will undoubtedly put some premium burden on your pocket.

The exposure of artist

Again this is a factor which is related to popularity. The more exposure means the artist is famous. Even if he is not too good but has appeared once or twice on a TV show, or he had been in the lines of an article in a favorite relevant magazine, the price may soar up. These are often known as the ‘a-list artists,’ and their price tag is hefty too.

The technique of your artist

Today, we have those fancy kits and machines that allow artists to do the work with ease. It has created a lot of diversity in the art of tattoo making. As a matter of fact, it has made the job easy for the professionals. Therefore, only a few people are left that use the old techniques and cultural methods to craft the art pieces on your body, and they are often pretty skilled people. Asking for a tattoo from any such artist will also cost you more than a professional who uses modern methods of tattoo making.

The speed of artist

Although it may not count for some people, the ones that are paying hourly should keep it in mind. Do consider the fact that everyone works at his or her own pace and some are quite quick while others tend to take time for crafting something on your body. If you are paying hourly, slow work means more time is required to get the job done and ultimately it will cost you more.

The popularity of studio

It is not always an artist that is popular, the fame of studio plays a role too. While some artists working in the studio may not be too popular, the fact that studio is well known for getting the particular job done will have a huge impact. It will give a boost to price, and it will be regardless of the artist because most of the studios will take a significant amount of the deposit that you make for your tattoo as they are renting the space and equipment to the professional.

The location of tattoo studio

When it comes to how much does a tattoo cost you have to keep in mind the site with all above factors. A studio that is not too much popular and is present in a small town is likely to be less expensive as compared to the bigger one in the center of a city. It is due to the fact that the smaller the town is, the lesser the customer base will be. Thus, they have to put up such pricing that their customers do not turn away from their services as client base is already smaller and it becomes critical for them to retain the customers. Moreover, it is also hard to find a great artist in locations that are not dense in population.

The exposure of studio

Similar to the exposure of the artist, this factor counts. If any studio is featured in a magazine or a TV show, the price is likely to rocket up!

The planning of your tattoo

The next thing you need to count is the planning of tattoo. There is a wide variety of choice available to you when you walk in a parlor to get a tattoo. If you choose any symbol from there, you will have to pay less. It is because those are predesigned and it is likely that the artist had already worked on creating the pattern so he will be familiar with it. However, if you want a custom tattoo, then get ready to pay more as the artist will have to sketch it from scratch and add all those little details to it. It will take a lot of time from the professional, and there is no surprise that he will charge you more.

The size of your tattoo

It is what everyone is aware of that the size of your tattoo will determine the cost. For example, you may like to get two to three small tattoos and the price, combined together for all three of them, might be less than if you go for a full sleeve or a large back-piece.

The detail of your tattoo

It is where even the size gets deceived while you consider how much does a tattoo cost ! There are times when one of your friends got a huge tattoo for less than a small symbol that you are willing to have on your arm. The reason is that details matter, and there are times when a short and a more detailed tattoo will cost a lot more than a large one with minimal expressions. In other words, a full sleeve basic shapes will cost you less than a nice, more complicated half sleeve.

The color of tattoo

This factor varies from studio to studio. Some artists will charge same for tattoos regardless of the color while others will add a few bucks to the price. If we see it, the black and gray color cost lower as the colored ink is generally a few dollars higher. Moreover, the time of preparation increases as the artist will have to spend from a few seconds to a couple of minutes on mixing the inks and getting the right shades before finally applying them on your body. It is particularly accountable if you are getting a large tattoo.

The location of your tattoo

The position of the piece also determines how much you will be paying for it. There are a few body parts that are complicated to craft on, and the artist has to be highly careful to make the tattoo look as it should be in the end. Doing the job at these awkward pieces of skin requires more skill, time, and attention. Therefore, it will increase the cost of your tattoo.

The material of tattoo

The use of equipment varies from artist to artist, and generally, they have their own priorities. If your artist is using remarkable inks, superb needles, and lavish soaps and creams, he will quote a bit high. It is because his input is more when you talk about tattoo making and considering that, he is quoting a price which is suitable from his perspective.

The price isn’t everything!

So, this is all from us about how much does a tattoo cost ? Please take into consideration that price is not everything. Never opt for something which you regret later. You always get what you pay for and if a cheap artist crafts a piece on your skin that looks awkward after completion or starts to fade after a couple of days, do not mind. Just remember the point. We recommend you to never compromise on the quality of your tattoo for the price.

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