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Lip Piercing complete guide and aftercare

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to see someone without piercing or tattoo of any type, somewhere on the body. For most of us, this body piercing is always done secretly, kept away from our parents, carefully hidden from our relatives, friends and loved ones. For some people, they usually engage in it so as to let people see it and marvel at it. Using the right jewelry, you will always notice that this body piercing are a perfect way to accessorize an outfit, but, using the wrong jewelry does look not only scary, bad but also impractical. Lip piercing is getting more popular.


One of the commonest piercing out there today is the lip piercing. I f you walk down your street for some minutes, there is a probability that you will see one or two people that have a form of upper lips piercing or lower lip piercing.

Below are the most common types of lip piercing:

Labret Piercing – This type of piercing is known as the most common type of lower lip piercing and normally involves a single stud through the middle of the bottom lip. For women, this type of piercing feels good and more pronounced. However, this kind of lip piercing is suitable for both males and females.

Madonna/Monroe Piercing – This type of piercing named after the cool spot Madonna has on her upper lip, towards the side of the mouth. Also, normally consisting of a single stud, this upper lip piercing is not very common among men but popular among women, especially young ladies. This upper lip piercing is also called Monroe after Marilyn Monroe, who had this very popular beauty spot.

Medusa Piercing The upper lip piercing is new in the fashion industry, and very similar to labret, just on the middle of top lip instead of the bottom, when used with the right jewelry, the upper lip piercing can look charming.

Side Lip Piercing – Also, this is similar to Madonna/ Monroe, but it is done on the side of the lower lip, rather than the upper lip.

Snake Bites Piercing – If you have done the side lips piercing, there is probability you will end up having the snake bite, which is done on both side of the lower lips pierced with a stud that looks like the appearance of a snake bite. This is known a Labrets. These type of lips piercing are usually matched with an ‘’emo’’ look about a younger person, and also, when used with the right jewelry can make the lower lips plumber in nature. Among the other type of piercing, this is the most popular with both men and women.

Spider bites Piercing – Exactly like snake bite but on one side of the lip. Famous rapper and actor Lil Wayne has this type of piercing. You have two piercing done together, on one side of the lower lip.


The important thing to know about lip piercing is that there are several selections when it comes to choosing the right jewelry for them. It is certain you will never be out of options.

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