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Monroe Piercing And Its Complete Guide –

What is Monroe piercing?

It is a form of lip piercing made above the upper lip on the left side. Monroe piercing apparently resembles the popular beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. It complements your look, makes you attractive in any social gathering. Monroe lip piercing is similar to Madonna piercing where the perforation is carried out on the right. You can also do nose piercing to appear more attractive.

The real fact about a Monroe piercing is that it heals faster than other piercings. This is because the mouth contains enzymes that can kill bacteria and the probabilities of getting an infection are lesser.

Monroe piercing – How is it done?

To do a Monroe piercing, you have to visit a real piercing studio that carries out the process in a clean environment. The exact place to be pierced is marked with a pen by a professional body piercer. The piercer will ask you to rinse your mouth with mouthwash before the process. The piercer will hold the upper lip and bypass a hollow needle through the lip. A gauge labret or barbell will be inserted when the piercing is completed.

Monroe Piercing – Does it harm?

You would possibly experience pain when doing a Monroe piercing since the upper lip has a lot of nerves. Monroe piercing is as painful as a septum piercing, although the pain varies individually. It hurts men more as they often shave that makes the skin of the upper lip hard and rough. Bleeding is likely to occur during piercing, but the piercer can have all the necessary arrangements to take care of it.

Monroe piercing – the types and the cost?

Double Monroe is piercing – It is a combination of both Monroe and Madonna piercing. This is done by some people to flaunt different type of studs and barbells. In some cases, double perforations are made on the left side.

Reverse/Bottom Monroe piercing: The piercing is made on the left side under the bottom lip.

The price for Monroe piercing ranges between $25 and $80 in any professional piercing studio.

Monroe lip piercing aftercare

How to clean a Monroe piercing?

  • Wash your fingers very well before touching or cleaning the piercing
  • Clean the pierced place with a cotton ball or gauze soaked in warm salt water at the same time as rotating the jewelry from side to side
  • Wash the piercing with antibacterial cleaning soap under warm running water while taking your bath
  • Dry the pierced place by gently patting it with a disposable paper towel

The Do’s

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after ingesting
  • Brush your teeth thrice a day with the use of a gentle-bristled toothbrush and mild toothpaste
  • Always take note of the threaded end of the jewelry with clean hands to ensure tightness

The Don’ts

  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol
  • Do not use beauty creams or lotions on or around the pierced place
  • Never use recreational pills
  • Do not expose the piercing to water used by the general public like swimming pool, pond, or lake.

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