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All you need to Know about Bicep Tattoos.

The idea of getting a designer tattoo or piercing is in vogue these days. Additionally, they have become a common way of life. They are rapidly being accepted worldwide. Both men and women love body modification tattoos, and they are considered the best form of it. Most of the bicep tattoos for both men and women are worn to improve the attractiveness of the muscles. And to show how stylish one is. However, the meaning of a bicep tattoo largely depends on a particular design that one chooses. For example, getting a wolf tattoo design on the biceps may be used to signify high intelligence or a strong connection to instincts. Similarly, tribal tattoos may symbolize dynamics, audacity, and expressiveness.

Also, a 3D portrait design can be used to express inner strength and to mean the love for realism. Tattoo lovers may as well choose to have explicit images or text to help them remember and occasion. For instance, to mourn or express their love for their loved ones. No matter how classy you would like your bicep tattoo to appear, having an experienced artist work can make your dream come true.

Current popular bicep tattoos available.
Bicep Tattoos male

Currently, plenty of famous bicep tattoos exist. From wolf, tribal, animal, spiritual and game inspired tattoos, and some designs exist that you can easily explore. The tattoos may feature either embedded texts or pure image. Drawing. There are absolutely no limits whatsoever to what you can do to achieve the best design you desire.

Before opting for this body art, it is very invaluable to consider the following factors.


Hygiene is a vital factor in ensuring that you avoid problems when getting a tattoo. When selecting the place to do your tattoo, make sure the location follows a strict standard to maintain hygiene. Additionally, tattoo studios should ensure safe practices to remain high standards of hygiene.


Licensed tattoo artist

In the entire process, this is the most important step. When performing research for tattoo parlors that are registered and an artist who holds a license.


Tattoo Location

The location you get the tattoo on your on your body is as good as the design. If you are getting your tattoo for the first time, avoid areas that are fleshy and will cause you much pain during piercing. One of the places that we recommend for you to have your tattoo if the bicep. You can choose to have your portrait on the inner bicep or outer depending on your need.


The size and color

Once you figure out the right location and artist, you need to determine how big you want your tattoo you want it. The skin tone plays a very vital role in how ultimately a tattoo will look like.

O’Neil notes that tattoos look fresh and great on pale skin. Note that light skin is the best canvas for gray and black colored tattoos. Similarly, for dark skin complexion gray and black combination of colors probably provides the best option for maximum effect. Notably, black and gray tattoos are the most durable since the color s won’t break down with time. On the other hand, size is also another factor to consider. Be sure to consult your artist for the best size you should get for your bicep tattoos.


Tattoo Pricing

Most tattoo studios have prices ranges depending on the size of design and color of bicep tattoos that you want to acquire. Before you settle on any artist, do a thorough research over the internet and referrals to get the best tattoo design a fairly favorable price. However, you should not go on bargaining the prices of this artistic work.


Sterilization Equipment

Now that you have settled on your artist, plus the design that you want, your final deal breaker should be equipment cleanliness. Before your artist digs in, you should ensure that the tools are completely safe and clean for use. You do not need to understand the nitty-gritties of sterilizing the equipment however you must ensure that the products used on you are safe from bacterial infections.

Finally, you have gotten hold of that design that you have yearned for many years on your bicep. What next? How do you take care of it and ensure it heals well and ends up to be the desired art you esteemed to get. Below is everything you need to know.
Bicep Tattoos for female

  1. Pick off peeling skin: Once your tattoo has passed the scabbing phase, your skin will begin the peel and flake away. No matter how flaky the skin may look like, it should not be peeled off or picked. By picking at the skin, you may be removing bits of the ink.
  2. Do not scratch your tattoo– This is probably the most common mistake people make. So many things can be averted if you start scratching your tattoo. If you scratch your tattoo, it can pull out large chunks of ink make your tattoo look patchy and probably you will need a retouch.
  3. Exposure to the sun: The sun is a number one killer to your tattoo particularly in the infancy stages. Therefore, you just keep your tattoo covered at all times whenever you are going out in warm weather. During the healing process, the sun can blister and swell a tattoo. As well, it can prolong the healing process and fade the ink.
  4. Use fragrance based soaps to clean tattoo-You should never use artificial fragrance. They are likely to irritate your sensitive skin at the healing stage. Most synthetic fragrances will make your skin to react adversely in many ways including causing rashes. Alcohol based products should not be used either on your bicep tattoos.
  5. Wear tight fitting: Tight clothes can rub against the tattoo. Additionally, tight clothes can pull loose the healing skin.

For men, bicep tattoos are the best to show out your muscularity. Even so, for those who love going to the gym, you should get a well-designed tattoo on the well worked out muscles.



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