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Neo Traditional Tattoo – A Complete Overview

The neo traditional tattoo style is one of the new styles invented by artists. Well, the concept of known “traditional” tattoo has not only been renamed which does not mean that traditional style had disappeared, it is only the basis of a new emerging, but it is also a neo-traditional style’s father. A prefix “Neo” means “new.” The tattoo artist had given the style a new beginning. The sessions of these tattoos create long hours of a delicate work compared to traditional tattoos.

The main characteristic of a neo traditional tattoo style is clear lines and drawings which are understandable and easily recognized by everyone. The style has no restrictions towards the colors with which artists can work with – the design of the tattoo can be colorful or made with only black color. Tattoo artists often try something new by creating styles that create unique and beautiful drawings that are more amazing and brighter. For example, the neo-traditional tattoo combined with some realistic elements will be incredible – one of the best combinations.

Neo Traditional TattooThe most common tattoo ideas of a style are humans or animals. Usually, they look very difficult without undergoing aggression. Sometimes it is possible to meet the neo-traditional tattoo ideas different skulls or other different objects like toys or some handmade. However, beetles are usually hidden in ornament, and they are camouflaged so well, that you must strive to find one in the drawing.

All these tattoos have something in common, like an emotional part of a tattoo. All of them can tell something or indicate a particular feeling. As for the placement of the neo-traditional tattoo, it may be different. This neo-traditional tattoo is young, so you can place your tattoo on any part of the body you want.  Below are the things needed to design a neo-traditional tattoo:

Pick a design – neo traditional tattoo

A tattoo made in a neo-traditional style can be a simplified shape that is used for traditional tattoos with only a wider range of colors but still using the bold, black outline. On the other hand, you can use traditional color choices, but to have a neo-traditional piece of body art, it should combine some of the aspects found in both traditional and modern tattooing.

Select an outline – neo traditional tattoo

The old school outlines were thick, bold lines and always in black, while the new school outlines were often based on finer lines that are usually in black but can be in other colors as well. Neo-traditional tattoos can use either a thick or thin outline. Your design choice will have a decisive impact on this decision. Simple shapes tend to pop with thick outlines, while more elaborate shapes require a thinner line to prevent them from blabbing over time.

Color the design – neo traditional tattoo

Old school tattoos are usually dark with limited color choices including the average red, blue, yellow and green. The color in traditional designs is done in blocks with very little detail. New school tattoos take an old school design and jazz it up with brighter and more varied colors with more shadows and realistic qualities. If you are looking for more of the traditional in your neo design, then you will want to use standard colors and avoid anything too bright. You can also meet somewhere between and use more colors, but stay away from the brighter, neon choices.





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