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Procedures of Nipple Piercing

What is Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercing is a fashion statement. It evolved in the 17th and 18th century, and it still in vogue till today, already a growing trend. It is painful and permanent. Some do it arouse their sexual sensation, while others do it as a way of decorating their bodies. Drilling the trend from the days when they worked in tribal cultures and, after World War II, went to the Western world, and remains one of the most important trends today. Whether you want beauty, self-expression, respect or tradition, and even lifting drill, piercing is an ancient practice that still fascinates people till today. A common form of piercing the nipple piercing.

Both male and female can have their nipples pierced. It is a fashion trend that is considered attractive. However, many opt for this piercing as it increases the sensitivity of their nipple, which makes them feel comfortable. Given the size of the individual breast are different, the piercing is more difficult for some than others. Small breasts are more difficult to penetrate. A person with smaller nipples is encouraged to seek out the experienced professional in this area. Nipple piercing procedures for both male and female are very similar. While some people, especially women think nipple piercing looks good on women than men, the truth is that both male and female can have their nipples pierced without any problem.

Female Nipple Piercing Procedures:

The female nipple piercing is located at the base of the nipple, as it passes through the areola. If the piercing is too deep in the areola, the healing may take longer than usual nipple piercing . Even if piercing is done nearly at the tip of the nipple, there is a greater possibility that sometimes in future you would likely have to remove jewellery and abandon the pierced nipple as a result of pains that will emanate from such procedures. Only a well-established procedure by a professional in the field will usually give the happy result and a slightly larger and more sensitive nipples that is more attractive for women.

The lowest jewellery used for the initial piercing is 12 gauge (10 meters is also suitable for larger nipple piercing, or for women who are interested in a serious game.) It is a Little thicker than jewellery for men’s nipple piercing because women are not just with a larger nipple but are subject to more abuses of tight clothing, bras, etc., rings are sometimes worn after healing but for The first piercing are always recommended because Bara tend to be the most comfortable, or at least annoying and most suitable for healing. Below figures are examples of female nipple piercing with a jewellery.

Male nipple piercing procedures:

The position of the nipple piercing is the same in men and women: nipple pierced at the base, which responds to the areola stimulus. If the piercing is too large, the areola, healing time can be much longer and often leads to scarring and pointed nipples. If piercing is performed on the tip of the nipple, there is a greater likelihood that the piercing may migrate further, sometimes eliminating the jewellery and abandoning the pierced nipple, as a result of pains that might evolves from such placement. Well established nipple piercing placement, usually gives the bearer of opportunity, a little bigger and more Sensitive nipples.

The smallest jewellery used to pierce the male nipple is 14 gauge, anything smaller than this increase the risk of migration, cracking or excessive scarring, especially jewellery that has been subjected to abuse. Caliber 12 (or more) piece of jewellery is appropriate when the nipple is large enough, and it is sometimes suggested for men who are interested in a serious game after healing plan. Below figures are examples of male nipple piercing with a jewellery.
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The following safety guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to have your nipples pierced:

  • Always research properly and choose the best professional center for having nipple pierced.
  • Do not be worn piercing without your own family doctor who knows your medical history.
  • Germicidal soap is recommended to be used on the affected nipple.
  • Always go  for a sterilized needle and jewellery in piercing and cleaning the affected nipple.
  • Always follow all professional advice, without any negligence, for proper healing of the nipple at the desired time.
  • You should keep in mind when choosing a piercing, that there are some likely complications that could emerge as a result of inadequate care.

Never allow your nipples been pierced with a penetrating gun because they can be carriers of harmful infections.
Correct Nipple jewellery size should be selected for a given size of nipple, otherwise it can cause inflammation.
Contrary transmission of the above instructions can result in serious complications and risks in addition to normal problems of inflammation.
Chronic infection.
Uncontrolled or prolonged bleeding.
ugly Scars.

Hepatitis B and C

Jewellery skin allergies.
Boils (accumulations of pus from abscesses that can occur under the skin at the hole)
Breast nerve damage or inflammation.


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