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Nose Piercing and its kinds

Nose Piercing and its kinds:

Nose Piercing is very famous in Pakistan, India, African and some south pacific cultures. Three decades ago it was very rare and now it is almost everywhere in United States and Europe.  There three types of nose piercing (Nostril, Septum, and Bridge).

1: Nostril Piercing

Nostril piercing
this type of piercing is very common everywhere. It can be pierced both sides of nose but mostly female do on one side. Once new piercing is done don’t use heavy jewelry, ring or studs. They shouldn’t be tight as well. As always we suggest you to go to professional piercers for any piercing. Some people do it at home without any care, it can be dangerous. Always go with professionals and follow their aftercare instructions. It is not much costly. The piercing fee and light jewelry can cost you $30 to $50.

Watch video for more details.

2: Septum Piercing


Septum is 2nd most popular nose piercing. The cartilage wall between the chambers of the nose is used to have septum piercing. It is also known as “bull ring”. It is very sensitive and painful area for piercing. Heavy jewelry should not be used. USA and UK females love to do septum piercing.

3: Bridge Piercing


Both men and women can have bridge piercing. When first man got bridge piercing, it got another name “Earl piercing”. This piercing is done on the surface of the nose, lining up between the eyes. It is very painful and hard to heal fast.
In this video you can see how bridge piercing is done.

Types of Nose Jewelry

There are many types of nose jewelry. Here we will discuss few of them.
Ring: A ring is very popular. It is best for those who just got their piercing done. Ring helps in healing. It helps in cleaning the piercing and gives some spaces for swelling.

Bone/Pin/Stud: It shouldn’t be your first preference after new piercing. It is very simple and good looking jewelry as it doesn’t cover much space.
Screw: It is been famous kind of jewelry in India and now it has become popular in western as well. A more modern variation of it is called “L-bar”.
U-Bend: It is kind of jewelry used for septum piercing. It is almost U shaped piece of jewelry used to wear.


Things to Know Before Getting Pierced

License: Find if your piercer is government certified or not. Always go to certified piercer as they do job nicely.
Products for fast healing: Ask about the products that can heal piercing fast. As piercer has good knowledge he/she will tell you best way to getting healed.
jewelry: Ask your piercer that your chosen jewelry will work fine for the kind of piercing you are going have or not.
Medical concerns: Always concern with piercer if you have any kind of health problem.

Avoid These Things:

Piercing Gun:

Avoid piercing guns, as they are not good for nose piercing. Jewelry used using piercing guns are very tight which delays healing process. It also increases the chances of infection. Piercing guns may not be sterilized which can lead to Hepatitis C or HIV!.

Sterling Silver:

Use of sterling silver jewelry will increase the healing time. Sometimes it stain the skin by leaving the black mark around the site which doesn’t go easily. Stainless steel should be used to nose piercing to get healed.


Do not use plastic jewelry in new piercing as it absorb body fluids which lead to infection. Plastic can be problem in healing as well.

Don’t Play with jewelry:

Do not play with the jewelry on new piercing also don’t change the jewelry too often. Changing the jewelry can effect inside of piercing and process of healing will start over again from zero.

Do not use alcohol:

Use of alcohol may slow down the process of healing of piercing. Avoid the alcohol completely.

  • How long I have to wait to take jewelry out temporarily?
    No piece of information. A few people’s piercings are extremely steady after the underlying three-month recuperating period, and some take any longer. There’s no real way to have the capacity to tell when you’re penetrating winds up plainly steady. Some never do!
  • Will the piercing close up after I take out my nose ring?
    Generally. Nobody can foresee how your body will react once you take out the jewelry, yet the gap will likely psychologist. You may end up with a little dimple, or it may be scarcely recognizable.
  • What happens if I take out my nostril or septum jewelry before its recuperating?
    It will recuperate close. Yes you read correct. Septum piercing can be quit for the day you take out the jewelry. I know this might be exceptionally evident to a few, yet not to others, as I get asked this decently routinely.

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