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Piercing shops near me – US and UK piercing shops

We suggest you to go licensed studios for the piercing. Are you looking for licensed Piercing shops near me ? Here we will tell you top ten US and UK piercing shops.


If you live in a city of over sixty thousand people, probably you have a choice of at least five piercing shops near you to pick from. Because of the rising interest in body art and the human desire to notable, just a little from the sea of humanity, the numbers of piercing parlors opening has increased. But there is a specific difference between just any piercing shop and a great piercing shop. This is defiantly one decision that you do not want to go with the lowest price available. It is of great benefits to be well informed and know the exact difference between the many types of piercing shops near you.

The piercing shop near you should be professional and be comfortable enough for you hang around and chat. The better piercing shops near you must have their custom designs, and you will need to have a meeting ahead of time. The cost of an original piercing can be expensive, but not blending into the crowd with the same piercing as five other people in the room more than makes up for it. By getting your piercing done at one of the best piercing shops near you, you’ll get superior craftsmanship and more help if something is not to your satisfaction.

Quality piercing shops near you must have a strict set of codes regulating their sanitary conditions for their client’s peace of mind. The US Department of Health states all blood born pathogens and instruments used must be disposed of properly. Each piercing salon near you must maintain the comfort of their customers and the cleanliness of their station. All piercing artists must be properly licensed with their license displayed in a top place for the general public to see it.

Tip To Find Piercing Studio

Another tip to check for when looking for a good piercing shop near you is to do is to carry out research online to check if there has been any legal case against the piercer. When shop owners start getting careless, clients are at risk, and legal cases begin. There was a legal case brought against a shop owner recently where the client got an infection by the use of unhygienic equipment.

A reputable piercing shop near you is a business, and the owner would like to keep it going. The best method to do this is by providing excellent service to gain new clients and providing a safe, healthy environment for their clients.

10 places to get piercing in the United Kingdom:

  • Urban Piercings _ 8 Merchants Pl, Reading RG1 1DT, UK
  • Ink Link UK _ Wood Green, London N22 6TN, UK
  • NR Studio _ Cheltenham GL50 1EE, UK
  • Punktured Piercing Studio _ Brighton BN1 1UN, UK
  • Holier Than Thou _ Manchester M4 1LW, UK
  • Kalima Emporium _ 3 Crescent Rd, Worthing BN11 1RL, UK
  • York Tattoo And Piercing Studios _ York YO31 7EL, UK
  • Primal Passions Mobile Body Piercing _ Warrington, UK
  • Abacus Tattoo & Piercing Studio _ Derby DE1 3NF, UK
  • Area 51 _ 14 Church St, Basingstoke RG21 7QH, UK

10 places to get piercing in the United States:

  1. Dreamtime Body Piercing _ Springfield, IL United States
  2. Cold Steel America _ San Francisco, CA, USA
  3. Hustlers Parlor Tattoo and Piercing _ Brooklyn, NY, United States
  4. D.T Piercing _ Colusa, CA United States
  5. Hot Rod Piercing _ Martins Ferry, OH United States
  6. Addicted 2 Piercing _ Tampa, FL United States
  7. Ink City Piercing, Inc _ Buford, GA United States
  8. Blue Dragon Piercing – Phoenix _ Phoenix, AZ United States
  9. Electric Graffiti Piercing _ Muscatine, IA United States
  10. Kingpin Piercing Studio _ Port Richey, ID United States





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