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Piercing: A unique mode of wearing jewelry

Piercing is equally famous for both men and women. This is the unique act of wearing jewelry on different parts of your body. In this method, you make and opening or cutting on different parts of your body where jewelry is worn. It is not the modern concept because history is evident that it is practiced since old times. The most common types of piercings are nose piercing and ear piercing. Even in the historic evidence of America and Africa, tongue and lip piercing was found. It is an art which is practiced by some of the individuals. According to statistics, almost 14% of the people have to pierce on multiple parts of their body.

The reasons for which people do piercing can be varying. Some do it for the spiritual or religious purposes. Some see it as aesthetically appealing while some of the people take it a way of expressing their selves. In some of the areas, it is also considered to be the popular culture in society. Most of the cultural or societal groups do not see it as a positive indicator. Such as in schools, organizations and some religious groups piercing is not encouraged. People do either permanent or temporary type of piercing depending on their desire. However, most of the common body parts where this is trendy to have piercing are as follows. These can also be known as the types of piercing.

Ear piercing

This is the most popular and widely practiced form of piercing. There are multiple types of jewelry accessories available in the markets which are used to wear on the ear. You must consider the type of jewelry you want to wear because this has a large impact on the kind of piercing you need. Even in the ear piercing, there are further many types which are considered while making a decision.

  • First and the typical mot kind of piercing is earlobe piercing. In spite of some routine complication and maintenance, it is the easiest type to handle. Some of the parents do this to their kid, and it is highly risky. This is not appreciated for kids because while playing they are always covered with dirt and germs. In this scenario, they can suffer from infections and another such disease. In some of the cultures, it is also taken as a ritual to have the earlobe of girls pierced even in small age.
  • Next one is the Auricle Piercing, in this type the hole is made at the transition of the lobe. This is the little hook were after piercing, wearing hooks and rings is common. It looks really attractive. When your auricle is flat, this piercing can give the impression of a large one because of the jewelry is worn Even studs are also worn here because they look really appealing.
  • This is the piercing which is done on the deep part of your ear by the name of conch piercing. This is the portion in the middle of the ear. This area is not appropriate for wearing large jewelry, while small accessories look attractive, the area is really small, and it is good to wear rings here. There are further two types here which are famous by the name of inner and outer conch piercing. The inner piercings have more area which the outer one is really small.
  • Then there is the Helix piercing which I present on the top of your ear. You can fit even more than one hole here which will provide you option to fit in multiple matching jewelry items. You can even use the mixture of earrings. Even the spirals are also used around the ears which are ideal for this place because of the curve present on the surface.

Eyebrow piercing

You can increase the aesthetic appeal and enhance the attraction of your natural features by the use of eye piercing. One way is to vertically pierce the eyebrow in which the piercing I did under your eyebrow leaving an opening on the both upper and lower side. In the horizontal eyebrow piercing, the insertions points are made both on the top of your eye. Then comes the anti-eyebrow piercing in this type the piercing is done below your eye, normally on the point above your cheekbone. It is really a trendy type of piercing and normally popular among the youth in parties.

Lips and tongue piercing

You can have your lip or tongue pierced at any point you want. You just have to take the study or even the ring and point out any place; it will get pierced according to your preference. One particular type of lip piercing is the labret piercing. This is done under your lip. You can also get it vertically by starting from your lower lip and having the other end of the normal point of labret piercings. A lot of care is needed when taking the step of having a lip or tongue piercings because it can get contaminated by your food or other material.

Nose piercing

This type of piercing is also pretty popular. The most commonly used form is to pierce on the sides of the nostrils. Another form is to pierce your nose in the place between your nostrils. This is also famous by the name of bridge piercings. The low or high positions you are going to pierce depend on your liking and jewelry choices. There is a further type of nose piercings where the piercing starts from the opening at one side of the nostril, after entering in septum it comes out of the other side. Nose piercings are also the part of some cultures where it is considered normal or even mandatory to have either side of your nostril pierced.

Piercings on body surface

This is the type of piercings which is done on the flat surface of your body. This does not go through your muscles, but it is done on the upper surface. This is not o common type of piercings, and it also required a lot of effort in finding out the custom made jewelry to be worn on your flat body. Mostly, the common part of your body where you place this piercing includes the color bone. This area is revealed in most dresses and gives an attractive look. Finding an experienced person to do piercing on the body part you want is really a difficult task to do because this should be done while keeping your critical body parts safe.

Industrial piercings

This is the type of piercings which is really different from other forms. Like in other kinds, the jewelry is worn in a single part, in industrial piercings; the matching in more than one part is made which is then used to wear a large item. This is normally kept specific to some parts of the body. Simply stating, the industrial type is the group of piercings on a body part. The type of stock you have in your jewelry collection has a great impact on this decision.

Interesting facts to know about piercings

In spite of the advantage and disadvantages of piercings, there are some of the interesting facts which should be known by everyone. Piercings is becoming more and more popular in the western world and has become only one of its kind ways of self-expression. So, some of those interesting facts which are prevailing in our community are as follows.

  • Although the main reason or objective of piercings is wearing jewelry, however, you can also be allergic to the jewelry material. According to many dermatologists and skin specialists, nickel is the common material which is allergic to most skins. You should consider your skin type and its comfort level before taking this step otherwise it would be of no use.
  • It is not the trial to pierce and then get it removed anytime you want. If you do not feel comfortable with your decision, it is possible to remove the piercings, but it can have some serious consequences.
  • This is actually a wound which I done inside your body parts. You can undergo through the redness or swelling because of this, and it should be cured by following the natural process of healing.
  • Doing piercings right is an art. Although this looks easy, it is not really as simple to try it yourself. You must look for an expert who takes the right measures to save you from serious consequences afterward.

So, keeping all these things in mind, you should consider it that piercings I a process which requires a long healing process. If it I did while staying away from the infection and other harmful outcomes, it is really the appealing art with great aesthetic appeal. This is the common attraction for the youth these days. You can use the combinations of different types of piercings and make an amazing combination which suits your looks and appearance.

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