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Snake Bite Piercing Is Most Popular

Snake Bite Piercing

​It is 3rd most popular kind of piercing. Snake bite piercing is done below the lower lip. It is done on the left and right side of the lower lip. It is most beautiful piercing.
Snake bite piercing has two kinds: The ring piercing and the labret stud under both sides of the lip.
Before getting your piercing think twice about the kind of snake bite piercing you are going to have. Once you decided about the kind of piercing you are going to have, The piercer will make marks and will ask you to approve it. Take your time to make sure about the positions of the marks.

Cost of Snake Bite Piercing

Different studios may have different rates but generally it is between $80 – $120 including piercing fee and jewellery. It is very important to select a piercing studio. Try to go to the best shop instead of cheapest. For shake of some dollars you may lose your health, so don’t compromise on health. Professional studios may charge you more but it will be worthy. Try to find those studios which has government issued license. Try to get the reviews of the customers as well.

Snake Bite Piercing Healing Time

It will take 3 – 4 months for complete recovery. For good and fast recovery, have a healthy lifestyle. It includes good sleep and healthy diets. You should follow aftercare instructions to get complete recovery. Use of antibacterial rinse for inside cleaning will be very helpful. Do not play with newly pierced area.
For outside cleaning, soak with saline solution 2 to 3 times a day for six to seven minutes.
Also use a antibacterial soap for piercing two or three times a day.

In first week of the piercing you may feel light bleeding and feel trouble in eating, drinking and speaking. If you follow aftercare instructions then you can recover very fast.

 Aftercare for Snake Bite Piercing

  • Avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol
  • Don’t use alcoholic mouthwash
  • Don’t play with newly pierced area
  • Avoid the kissing
  • Don’t eat the things which increases swelling
  • Do not play with the jewellery

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