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STERNUM PIERCING – Very Famous Among Females

STERNUM PIERCING – Complete Detail

The sternum piercing is a unique fashion statement, but before you decide on it, you need to know some basic information about it. Based on the information that will be available in this article, you can decide if the aesthetic advantages supersede the health-related risks.

As the name suggests, this type of piercing is done at the level of the sternum, which is also known as cleavage piercing (when it comes to women). For those who do not know where the sternum is located, this is the bone that lies in the center of the chest (also known as the breastbone).

When the piercing is done, a starter jewelry is placed at the level of the sternum. Once the healing process is over, you can go back to the salon to change your jewelry. In most situations, the jewelry used for sternum piercing is either made from titanium or stainless steel. These materials are the best use because they are light and they have a reduced risk of allergies. Other materials include diamonds and gold studs. Choosing a reliable and professional salon is recommended for sternum piercings. Otherwise, the jewelry used might be rejected by the body (perceived as a foreign object).

Sternum piercing falls into the category known as “surface piercing.” This is known as piercing that is superficially located, with a surface bar being inserted at the skin level. The healing process is more complex about this type of piercing because, as mentioned above, it has an increased risk of being rejected.

Sternum Piercing – How Is The Piercing Performed?

Hopefully, the first thing piercing artists do is to disinfect the sternum area. After that, the artist will choose the desired inlet and outlet for the piercing. For the next step, the real piercing is performed with a sterilized needle entering through the skin. After the piercing has been done, the selected jewelry type is inserted. Depending on your personal preferences, you may decide that the piercing of the chest is placed vertically or horizontally.

Sternum Piercing – The Variations

Sternum piercing is available either in the form of micro dermal or surface piercing. By placing a micro dermal anchor under the skin, jewelry can be replaced easily. While this style indicates a quick healing process, make sure you discuss this option with your piercer. We recommend you discuss the orientation either vertical or transverse with your piercer as some may not be suitable for the particular styles.

Sternum Piercing – How Painful Is It?

Given that the sternum area is quite vascularized and sensible, the sternum piercing is one of the best types of piercing available. This is one of the main factors to consider whether such type of piercing is worth it or not, no matter how cool or fashionable it may look. The piercing area will also be tender or painful to the touch for some time until the actual healing process is over.

Sternum Piercing – The Aftercare Measures

Once the sternum piercing is completed, you must take care of it to reduce the risk of infection. It is advisable to clean the recently pierced area in warm salt water (disinfectant). The cleaning procedure must be repeated at least twice a day to reduce the risk of secondary bacterial infection. Do not listen to those who recommend rubbing alcohol or other solutions such as peroxide or backflow in the pierced area as they can trigger skin irritation.

When taking a bath, you have to pay proper attention to the are, ensure you rinse it thoroughly and also gently. After bathing, ensure you clean the area with a paper towel, so as to dry it completely. Even the smallest amount of moisture can harbor bacteria, which can lead to very unlikely infections. Also, you need to avoid body lotion, spray or any other skin care product to the recently pierced area. Remember, this is the area to be treated, and you should take good care of it. Additionally, no matter how much you may be tempted to do so, make sure you do not apply excessive pressure to the pierced area.

Sternum Piercing – The Types Of Jewelry Used

Sternum piercing can accommodate a wide range of jewelry. Much popular jewelry used are curved barbells, staple/long plastic surface barbells. Titanium skin divers, stainless/acrylic/titanium dermal tops. Depending on whether you opt for micro dermal bindi or surface piercing, there are many options when it comes to sternum piercing jewelry.

Sternum Piercing – How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Provided no complications or secondary bacterial infections; Sternum piercing requires about four to six weeks to heal completely. You can guarantee a shorter healing time to take care of the area and maintain an excellent level of personal hygiene. If you do not take care of the recently pierced area properly, this can increase the risk of infection and thus extend the specified healing period.

Sternum Piercing – Complications Associated With It

The most common complication is an infection that occurs when aftercare measures and basic hygiene are not respected. It is advisable to never touch the sternum piercing with dirty hands, as this increases the risk of infection. So, always remember to wash your hands, preferably with antibacterial soap. It is also advisable to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, as these might lead to scarring and also irritate the recently pierced area. Tight clothing because they exaggerate the recently drilled area and can lead. Care should be taken when removing clothes, as the risk of injuring the sternum area is high, once a piercing has been located there.

Finally, sternum piercing can be a fascinating way to express your sense of style, but there are several things that you should look out for. You must choose a piercing artist who has experience in dealing with such kinds of piercings to reduce the risk of sternum piercing being rejected by the body. Also, you must take good care of the pierced area to prevent secondary bacterial infections and other potential complications. As for the jewelry itself, you need to choose surface bars or other similar items that are made of lightweight and hypoallergenic materials.







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