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TATTOO FONTS : A list of most used tattoo fonts

tattoo fonts

The tattoo is a private stuff. Therefore, the type of fonts you use must also be private. There are lots of characters you can use for your starting point. The theinfostudio advice is to find the proper font, familiarize yourself with the artist, adhere to their instructions and personalize your tattoo perfectly!.
Firstly, you have to know the type of the tattoo fonts that suits your personality. There are several types of the fonts, but some of the factors to consider are the degree of complexity of the font you want to use.

Types of tattoo fonts:

The Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts
new tattoo fonts

The Calligraphic is the most extensively used tattoo fonts. There are many reasons why this font is chosen, but this is because the calligraphic tattoo font you can be used to get the various design, just the same way we have a unique fingerprint. Calligraphic fonts remind us of the textual fonts of the past to the modern, and the present day.

The Gothic Tattoo Fonts
Gothic Tattoo Fonts

For whosoever is keen on the Gothic tattoo fonts, we have little to discuss this font. This type of font has been use for symphonic bands logo, as well as the font used for writing many video games. This can be a complex or simple font, a factor that can also affect the ease of reading. The right starting point when selecting this font is how comprehensive you want it to be. We have various categories, together with the Medieval, elaborate initials and the Celtic used precisely for single letters.

The Asian Tattoo Fonts
Asian Tattoo Fonts

Sometimes you may want to use fonts that describe a particular country. It isn’t always necessary to use the language or the alphabet of that particular country, but only use the flavor, and with that, you can design lettering that looks like the language very well. This technique is extensively used for Asian fonts but is also used efficiently in the Russian and Arabian culture among others.

The Handwritten Tattoo Fonts

Another option might be to create a written tattoo font. Since you have never tried it, you cannot be sure of what will come out of it. There are several handwritten fonts of tattoo from which to take the motivation, collect details and blend them together to design a cool tattoo for yourself.

The Pixel Tattoo Fonts

Pixel or bitmap fonts have been since the time of the first computers. They show letters as clearly as possible using the smallest pixels—which are the dots that make up this screen. Pixel tattoos fonts are rare since there’s no need to compress a tattoo. Also, they are well suited to nostalgic video game tattoos.

The Typewriter Tattoo Fonts

It is the font of the old typewriters. With most of these old machines font created with inaccuracies, the “dirtying of the letters” that makes each typewriter font exceptional. After studying the relevant categories, we move to the study of original tattoo font. Like script fonts, typewriter fonts were formally a necessity but now an artistic choice.

The Western Tattoo Fonts

We have several fonts that take us back to the era of the Old West. This type of tattoo font is a popular choice for some group of Bikers who use them to create their logos and lettering.

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