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TATTOO Pain Chart – Which Part Of Body Feels More Pain

Having a tattoo can be painful, no matter where you want to get it. Every place is painful, but there are some places where the tattoo is painful the most. If you want to show people and tell them that you have the power to endure pain, I recommend getting a tattoo in any of the places mentioned below.  But if you cannot cope with pain, I do not even advise you to get a tattoo in the mentioned places. Here is Tattoo pain chart.

Below are some of the most painful places to get tattooed – you should avoid all these places at all cost except you want to experience a painful tattoo. If it has an important meaning, or you think it will improve your overall look – then you should get them!

Bone Area – TATTOO Pain Chart

the area where there are bones near the skin will have a more pain.  For example, your outer ankle bone will be more painful than getting an ankle tattoo in the area that is fleshy.  Other areas are the skull, behind the ear and ribs. Getting tattoo on these places can be very painful.

The butt – TATTOO Pain Chart

Majority of people have experienced more pain in their butt. Even though the bone area is the most painful, the fleshy places can also be very painful. So, getting a tattoo on the butt is also painful. To know more about this, simply take your fingernails and lightly pinch your butt. Now try the same on the shoulder. You will notice unless you have a very firm butt, the level of pain is much higher in the butt.

Sole – TATTOO Pain Chart

Top of the foot/ankle – these two places are painful, but it can be very attractive if you choose to get it. Ankle and foot tattoos can be covered or expose if you want to look more professional. These make them very painful and versatile.

Foot – TATTOO Pain Chart

Getting a tattoo on foot can be very painful because the feet are filled nerves endings. Now we are referring to the real foot, not the ankle area; some people automatically think the feet and the ankle have the same level of pain simply because they are close to each other. Getting a tattoo on the will be very painful but getting a tattoo on the ankle is also painful.
Tattoos Pain chart

Behind the ear – TATTOO Pain Chart

Getting tattoo behind the ear is very attractive to both genders. This can have a significant meaning, but it is also painful. It is always a good idea to avoid this area if you want to avoid pain but it is not a bad choice to get it either.

The chest (above the rib) – TATTOO Pain Chart

The chest is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. This is because there are no fat to block the nerve endings from grinding into the moment of pain. However, there are better places to consider if you need to avoid pain. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on the chest – you have been warned.

Tattoos Pain charts

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