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Tattoo Shops Near Me In United State Of America

Tattoo Shops Near Me

Are you looking for the famous tattoo shops near me? Do you want to get your new tattoo? Finding out the right tattoo shops in NYC is imperative.  The NYC recognizes for its fashionable people. People want to know about the best tattoo shops to get the best experience. Although, Manhattan and Brooklyn are known for the places best for traditional, black and grey and delicate tattooing. You can also get awesome tattoos in the New York. Mostly the celebrities prefer NYC for best tattoo designs.

Here is the list of best places to get inspired and walk into the shop.

  1. East River Tattoo

The shop located just a couple of step from green point to the East River. This tattoo parlor opened in 2000. This is the best place to get the inspirational pieces on your body. However, with the aqua eggshell coloured walls and wooden antiques give an impressive look of some antique shop. It provides the best comfortable environment to get your body inked. Keep it in mind that you should have at least $100 in your pocket before walking in.

  1. Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlor

If you are fond of having line-work or even geometric tattoos, then look no more for tattoo shops. Fleur Noire tattoo parlor opened in 2016. One can quickly identify the shop because of its red rose on the window. Its perfect look gives great vibes even to the new customers. Its brown walls and red leather chairs and couches make it the best place to visit. You can select art design according to your desire. It specializes in contemporary and traditional tattooing designs. All you need is to have a budget of $100 minimum in your pocket.

  1. Fun City Tattoo

Jonathan-the owner of this tattoo shop started work almost 40 years ago. Fun city tattoo is the best shop in the NYC. It provides stylish new designs for tattooing. Many big celebrities got their tattoos from there. The range of pricing is different but should have at least $100. You can get almost all designs for your whole body.

  1. Tea Leigh

Tea Leigh- an excellent Brooklyn tattoo artist welcome the home tattoo shop. This shop individually run by women who amazingly specialize in hand-poked tattoos. This kind of tattoos is done with ink and needle only without any single use of the machine. This tattoo shop has many satisfied customers who love their dedicate flowers, snakes and butterflies designs. This studio is famous for safety and satisfaction. Now get the most sexist and hotter tattoo on your body.

  1. Daredevil Tattoo

It is one of the best shop in tattoo shops NYC. It was opened in 1997, by two youngsters. The duo has made their name by tattooing many musicians and actors. The musicians and actors including Boy George, Joan Jett, Emma Roberts and much more. You can get an amazing experience over there. Animal-free ink uses to make the great tattoo. It offers best designs and also provides customised services. Moreover, all the budget is depending on the complexity of the tattoo design. Mostly the range starts from $100 and so on to $250-400.

  1. Majestic Tattoo NYC

Adal Ray, who is the owner of Bushwick gem is one of the best inkers in NYC. He is good, or you can master in using the body as a canvas, gives an amazing tattoo that fits one’s body. It looks like another skin. He is good at Full sleeves and also back pieces. If you are looking for the best tattoo shops near me, this is the right one for you. He can change the concept into the reality by his super powerful tattooing skills. Moreover, if you are looking for something artistic version, then this is the right place to visit. He specialises in watercolors, black and grey and also in geometric tattooing.

  1. Rose Tattoo Parlor

The outer side look of this shop looks like a pharmacy. Which I think is good for getting the best feeling of being inked. You can feel a new version of life in yourself. It specialises in all kind of tattoos including American tattoos, skull, snake, roses, pistol and many more others. The owner and the staff are highly expert for what they are known for. They know how to bring out someone’s thinking into reality by inking his body. A minimum $100 budget is expectable, but for customizing hand-size tattoo, you need a budget of $300-$500.

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