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What is Tongue Piercing

As body piercing is in trend, both male and females are very keen to do piercings of their parts of body. Tongue piercing is very famous in Europe and some other countries. It is done directly through middle of tongue. It is 2nd most popular kind of piercing.

Who can not have tongue piercing?

Not everyone, as it depends on the length of tongue and places of veins.
A person having small tongue can’t have this kind of piercing.
Some people have veins in the middle or center of the tongue. You shouldn’t do tongue piercing if your vein is in wrong place.
If you are being suffered from any kind of paralysis, nerve issues or other health problem, you should inform your piercer before having tongue piercing.
People have not reached the age limit set by professionals, 14-16 years old needed consent of their parents and 16-18 don’t.

Points You Need To Keep In Mind Before Having Tongue Piercing.

There are some side-effects of tongue piercing as well.
It is most sensitive part of body and can be infected very easily.
You should take care of it by following proper aftercare.
It can make you disturb while having kisses and talking with other soon after piercing.

Choose Studio
you should go to those studios who have government license of piercing.
Professional piercer will do job nicely and they will tell you how to recover very fast.
They may be expensive but you’ll have what you want to have.
Before going to studio, search about studio and try to get suggestions and reviews of others about studio as well.

Procedure Of Tongue Piercing
Usually straight barbell with a 16 – 18mm by 1.6mm is used to pierce tongues.
If you have longer tongue you’ll feel less pain.
Once you reached the studio, Piercer will ask you to sign consent form. Read the consent form carefully and if any question arises in your mind ask the piercer. Once the consent form is signed, the piercer will take you to the room or a place where piercings are done. You can ask about the tools as well. Ask all the questions you have in your mind because you may not like to talk after tongue piercing.


Before the tongue piercing, Piercer will check veins on tongue carefully. Sometime they don’t find anything they can use blue light to be certain about veins. Tongue piercing shouldn’t be done very close to lips and shouldn’t touch teeth as well. Speech impediments will happen if short tongue is pierced or has been pierced wrong.

Once they have marked the position, they will clamp the area and pierce you.
They will remove the needle once it has gone through and will put jewellery in the through the tube which remains in the tongue. Then, they will attach the ball and then you are free to leave. Piercer will give you mirror to see if you are okay with the piercing.

Things you should avoid after getting a new tongue piercing:

  1. Aftercare plays very important part after piercing.
  2. Once piercing is done perfectly, piercer is not responsible of any infection as it may come due to lack of care.
  3. You have to avoid these after getting new tongue piercing.
  4. You shouldn’t drink hot drinks like tea and coffee.
  5. Shouldn’t do alcoholic mouthwash.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol.
  7. Should avoid of kissing at least for 3 weeks. It is one of main causes of infection.
  8. Try not to put your hands in your mouth.
  9. Smoking is not good for health but after having new tongue piercing you should stay away from it.
  10. Don’t play with newly done piercing.


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