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Cross Tattoos – What Do Cross Tattoo Designs Mean?

Cross tattoos are one of the kinds of millions of tattoos styles.  No doubt cross tattoo is one of the most popular and lovable tattoos, especially in youngsters. There are many reasons behind its popularity. However, a particular reason is its deep and personal meanings, the strong spirit, and historical as well as cultural significance. Similarly, one of the reason is it is easily custom-make design.

Men and women both like cross tattoos because it is easily customizable. You can tattoo it on any part of your body. Or even can have it as a part of your large body tattoo design. Cross tattoo is perfect for everyone depending upon the many factors. Factors including size, design and many other elements that utterly represent a superfluity of any different meanings. See more pictures here

Cross Tattoos designs meanings

Mostly people love tattoo for some reasons and for purposes too. Similarly, cross tattoo incorporates some particular meanings. Most people assume that cross tattoo has purely religious intentions, but that’s not the fact. One can customize cross with a personal touch. Moreover, also mix it with different symbols which mean it is not confined to religious connotations.


There are many different meanings of cross tattoos. However, some of them are as follows:

It is a symbol of strength

  • Cross tattoo defines courage
  • It shows off Christianity/ faith
  • Can be a memory of your loved one
  • Dedication to something
  • Strong belief/goal
  • Kind of peace
  • Symbol of spirituality
  • Unity among man and woman
  • A symbol of death time
  • Equality
  • Gothic symbol/Culture
  • Express pain or love


Cross Tattoo Customization

One of the most amazing things about cross tattoo design is that we can customize it. It is easily customizable according to our beliefs and style. The variation in cross tattoos is endless. No doubt that cross itself is one of the popular choices. But below are few of the designs that change that evidence how quickly you can customize the cross on its own with best designs, meaning, and symbols that hold something for you.

Some of the types of variations in cross tattoos:

Christian/Catholic Cross Tattoo

This is one of the simple, popular cross tattoo design that represents Christianity. The symbol knows as Catholic symbol. It believes that this tattoo is the foundation of “Jesus’s excoriation” religion or later arising from the death.

It is the perfect design, a T-shape symbol that shows Catholicism. You can put any colors according to your preferences.

Small cross tattoo

A small cross tattoo design is simple, more feminine and perfect design to show off. Moreover, a more insidious reminder of Christian faith and course spirituality. This type of cross tattoo mostly tattooed inside ankle, wrist, shoulder blade or behind the ear. It uses to show off religious beliefs. Moreover, one can customize this small cross –shape tattoo with more interlocking patterns, with colors, and with jewels.
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Tribal Cross tattoo

A tribal cross tattoo is a unique, simple and elegant design. It is a traditional cross that comprises twist on classic cross design. It contains black complex interlocking patterns that you can observe mostly in Tribal tattoos. This tattoo design is the best choice for those people who want to show off strength. Moreover, for dedication to something and courage. Tribal cross tattoo design knows for its superb eye catchy strong design that catches intention of others quickly.

Iron Cross Tattoo

The iron cross tattoo is a symbol of strength and courage. It was used by German Military in the late 1800s. It was considered as a symbol of courage and bravery. The iron cross was used on medals. An iron cross tattoo is power symbol to convey a message of nonconformity. The ends of this tattoo blaze up. Mostly black and grey colors used in this tattoo but one can personalize it.

Gothic Cross Tattoo

If someone loves to show off darker intention of cross symbol, then Gothic Cross Tattoo design is the best and suitable. It can be created in very different ways.  You can give Gothic cross a look that is made of stone. You can also add some Gothic style flourishes such as thorns, flowery edges, and enlaced snakes. Gothic cross tattoo uses to represent dark nature of Gothic art or culture.

Cross and rose tattoo

The addition of rose to cross tattoo make it more elegant, beautiful and touching. You can add a rose to any of your cross tattoo design. A rose itself contains some meanings. In simple words, we can say it is another layer of deep meaning to your cross tattoo.


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