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Daith piercing for migraines – Complete Information

Daith Piercing for Migraines

Migraines are known to be very tough to treat and seldom curable conditions. Every patient has their own way to treat them. Different medicines, shots, and hacks suit different people. The intense pain can start in any part of the head, or in some cases multiple parts of the head for an unknown cause. The pain can induce nausea, fogginess, and difficulty to process things. Patients in most cases rely on painkillers to reduce the pain and make it tolerable.

Although painkillers only numb the pain and do not cure it, it is one of the most popular remedies. Nonetheless, researchers and thinkers come up with new and eccentric ways to handle the ailment. And one of the potential ways to do so is through a Daith piercing.

What are Daith piercings?

The Daith piercing is done at the smallest fold of bone cartilage in either of the ears. The bone cartilage is situated right above the ear canal, near where it touches the jaw.

The first question that opponents pose is that getting the piercing itself is a painful procedure. Getting a piercing anywhere on the body is a painful experience. For some individuals, the pain is tolerable in terms of the results they plan on achieving. For others, the pain can become a long term nuisance with infections and faulty piercing jobs done incorrectly.

Daith piercing has a short initial healing period. When done right, and kept clean the soreness goes away in under a week or two. People who undergo the piercing procedure make an informed choice of knowing that the soreness of the piercing is a natural and preempted.

Are Daith piercings safe?

The cartilage is a soft and sensitive body part, after all, surrounded by thousands of nerve endings and situated quite close to the brain. Ears are an erogenous zone, but their importance and strategic placement make them very valuable to the rest of the body in terms of senses and signs of fitness. While it really does sound painful, the definition of pain is quite different for migraine patients.

If piercing Daith is such a painful business then why do people do it? While it is common for us to express ourselves through ear piercings, changing hairstyles, wearing clothes but there is more to these than just fun.

Daith piercings are already rumored to be associated with intentional weight loss and to treat anxiety among other things. While the complex human body allows for such things to possible, it is entirely possible that some of these are just myths.

Perhaps it is possible that the pain is an acceptable cost to those suffering from migraines?

Can Daith treatments treat migraines?

The internet is filled with testimonials and confessionals of people suffering from migraines previously regarding eradication and minimization of headaches, migraines and temple pains after getting a daith piercing on that side. While it is not universal neither tried in labs, it is known as a possible remedy.

Some health journals and acupuncture professionals say that ear piercing is not an effective solution to the problem however a superior method can be adopted based on a similar notion. The idea is to perform acupuncture with microneedles on the area to release the pain and nerve tension in the area.

As it turns out, the biggest opponents of the possibility of using the ear piercings as a formal remedy or treatment are the big pharma and the alternative health specialists such as acupuncturists and hypnotherapists.

Which ear to pierce for benefits?

It is recommended that the side of the head that hurts should be pierced for positive results. This can allow the pain to be eased out on that side. However, success still depends on how well the piercing is placed and can require the help of a professional medical expert. Strategic placement can increase the chances of success and relief.

Daith piercings are an acceptable way to improve the condition. They are atleast worth a shot. If they prove to be effective they can mean a great reduction in medical expenses and stress caused by the migraines. They can help the patient return to normalcy like those who do not suffer from migraines with a visible added confidence token on their ears.

Do the means justify the cause?

Life for migraine affectees is difficult. Their pains can be triggered by absolutely anything. The causes include sleep depravity, sudden or undesirable changes in temperature, low blood sugar, wind, noise, sharp light, sun, uncomfortable conversations, irritable social interactions, and poor sleeping habits. A potential cure for someone suffering from this means light of hope and potential freedom from pain-relieving injections and sedative-like medication.


According to the anecdotes, it is very important that you choose the right place to get your piercing from. It can be a nightmare if there is an infected sore on a migraine headache pressure point. It is essential that the piercing procedure is taken seriously or the infection may make the pain worse over time.

Once a pierced part of the skin has infected the chances of the infection returning increase, it is essential that the pierced skin is kept clean and sanitized at all times.

Several people believe that being left with an unwanted but removable piercing on a very sensitive side of the ear is a scary possibility. However, in a cost-benefit analysis, it is likely that the daith piercing wins over the life-halting migraines.

The American Migraine Foundation has repeatedly said in official statements on the subject that there is no solution to migraines out of medical and professional treatments sought after by healthcare experts and doctors.

While hype does not warrant the use or prescription of this remedy, patients suffering from intolerable migraine attacks can give it a try just to rule it out or to try their luck. It has worked for many proponents after all.


Aftercare tips that you have to use:

During the healing of daith piercing for migraines, there are few but important things that you have to do. They are called as the aftercare tips of daith piercing. You have to be careful about them otherwise severe results can occur. After the piercing of your ear, the piercer will give you proper pieces of advice and you have to take all of them serious. The healing of daith piercing for migraines surely needs times for proper healing. The aftercare tips will help you to in the reduction pain. If you will take good steps, then the infections chances will be surely less. If an infections gets triggered in your ear, then it will not go without giving you pain and other hard problems of ear.

How to clean the daith piercing?

Before getting the daith piercing for migraines, you have to understand all the positive initiatives to get rid of all health risks that are associated with the piercing. Here are some of the daily care routines that you have to adapt.

  • In case of healing ear, it should be cleaned once or twice a day for avoiding other infections.
  • Don’t clean more than twice a day. Otherwise, frequent touching of ear will increase the level of pain that you can’t bear.
  • Use saline solution or one of the good anti-bacterial soap/facewash for cleaning the daith piercings. If you will use other soaps, then it will surely increase the risk of more infection.
  • Try to touch piercing heals with the dirty hands. Otherwise, it will trigger infections in the wound. Use sterilized gloves for this purpose.
  • If you think that it is not healing, then you have to contact your doctor or the piercing specialists.

Step by step procedure of cleaning:

Follow the given below steps to get best results in cleaning daith piercing for migraines.

  • First, wash your hands with the antibacterial soap.
  • By using the plain water, make your piercing wet.
  • After that, take out the soap form box and drop three to four drops of antibacterial soap on piercing. Use cotton bud for the best results.
  • Clean the piercing with the cotton bud with soft hands. Avoid the touching of piercing with naked hands.
  • If you are not suffering from uncontrollable pan, then you have to rotate your jewelry. It will help you to clean all parts of it.

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