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What is Medusa piercing

One of the most beautiful type of piercing, medusa piercing has gotten a lot of attention recently, mainly from the young ladies, for its exciting location. A popular type of upper lip piercing, it involves the perforation of the philtrum, a vertical groove positioned in the middle area of the upper lip under the septum of the nose. It is also called philtrum piercing.

Medusa piercing procedure

If you are eager to get the piercing, then go to a reputable piercing salon for a safer experience. Before the procedure, the piercing professional will clean the area above the upper lip very well with an antiseptic solution. You would be given an oral antimicrobial solution to wash your mouth. A hollow, light needle is pierced through the place with the help of a clamp holding the upper lip. The jewelry is then inserted, thereby completing the piercing.

Medusa piercing aftercare

  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and mild toothpaste for brushing your tooth
  • Do not use any antiseptic mouthwash
  • Clean the piercing with a sterilized cotton ball dipped in warm salt water twice a day
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating
  • Avoid eating hot, highly spiced and sticky foods
  • Stay away from smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Avoid applying antibacterial creams, lotions, or beauty products at the piercing
  • Use a mild cleaning soap to rinse the pierced area when bathing
  • Dry the piercing by lightly patting with a clean paper towel

Medusa piercing healing

Since the upper lip has a rich supply of nerves, it makes the piercing a bit painful. However, those with a low pain tolerance would possibly experience more pain at some point in the process. The piercing healing process might take 6 to 12 weeks to heal permanently.

Medusa piercing complications and infections

A fresh piercing has a high chance of getting infected characterized by intense swelling, pain, redness and pus discharge. Ignoring these signs can lead to an increase in the severity of the condition, and consequently, immediate medical care would be needed. In most lip piercings, the teeth and gum have a greater chance of getting eroded leading to loss of tooth over the course of time. The piercing can also go through migration or rejection due to the placement of an incompatible jewelry, inflicting a scar.

Medusa Piercing Jewelry

Medusa piercings are usually carried out with a small labret stud.  The internally threaded jewelry is the best for Medusa piercing. The externally threaded jewelry leads to tears in the tissue prolonging the healing time and can be a point of contamination.

Initial piercings are carried out with gauge 14 or 16 labret studs. The popular length is 5/16 or 3/8. If the pose is too long, it’s going to harm the gum, and if it is too short, it could get embedded in your flesh. Consult your piercer on the proper size and length of your Medusa. Longer studs are also used to allow swelling. You can get any types of jewelry to get that particular look you want.

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